Popish Nonsense

Pope: In a divided world, Christians must treat all as brothers, sisters

VATICAN CITY – Treating all other people as brothers and sisters “is not fashionable now,” Pope Francis said, but it is a clear “calling card” of a Christian.


Anal-yse this!

Pope Francis kisses feet of once-rival South Sudan leaders
The Pope kisses the feet of Sudanese rulers. He crawls in front of them, that even the cap falls from the head…

Pedophile Priest who Raped 200 Children Forgiven by Pope Francis

James Porter, the evil priest who raped over 200 children, confessed his pedophilia to the Pope who decided it best to “forgive and forget”, it has been revealed.By ignoring his pedophile confession, the Pope left Father Porter to sexually abuse many more children that could’ve otherwise been spared.

43 killed and 100 wounded in Cairo church bombing

This is the moment an ISIS suicide bomber detonated outside an Egyptian church after being turned away by three hero policemen in the second of two attacks that killed more than 45 Christians and wounded 100.

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  1. Our Lord said to turn the other cheek, not bend over and pick up the soap.

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