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Children of terrorist stuck in Syrian refugee camp to come home

Terror spawn coming ‘home’.
We have said it before and we’ll say it again.
Just because a rat is born in a stable does not make it a horse.
As we all know, children aspire to be like their parents.
Good luck Australia.

ISIS kids are being flown back to Australia, would you want them attending your children’s school?

Once great Britain:
‘Asian male’ with ‘very bad teeth’ and a ‘foreign accent’

The police is looking for a guy who  produced a knife and put it on a baby’s throat in Middlesbrough

In Britain, That “Working Definition” Of “Islamophobia” Just Won’t Work

Trump: “We’re exposing EVERYTHING” Trump Cheers of Investigation your treason is showing…

Sharia Enforcement in Malaysia!

32 Malaysian officials disguise as waiters to catch Muslims eating during the holy month of Ramadan. Best tea-brewers and noodle chefs among department’s officers were selected. READ MORE:
Morocco and Iran Top in Porn Traffic During Ramadan…

“American Taliban”

John Lindh is out of prison today after a controversial decision to release him early from prison. Many, including President Trump, say he is still a radical jihadist. Journalist Graeme Wood was in touch with Lindh in prison and shares his insights.

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  1. Australia
    (If You thought you FINALLY had the authorities on your side)
    Children of terrorist stuck in Syrian refugee camp to come home [back to the land their parents invaded and now apparently own]” … [sic]

    This is happening with the newly elected (gotcha) LNP Government !!!
    (and we WILL get a better Super than pauline ever will … as we are in charge of it) !!!

    This would NOT be happening with the
    ∙ End islam-infecteds immigration
    ∙ Deport migrant criminals
    ∙ Rebuild our industry
    ∙ Restore our sovereignty
    ∙ Protect small businesses
    ∙ Stop foreign ownership
    ∙ Get out of the UN
    policies of the Senator Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.

    The combined only way they won any seats (thugs of) LABOR + (incubus/succubus) GREENS would have brought the mandatory 1000 close relative with each child !!!

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