The dodo of scepticismThe dodo of skepticism

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

We learned one thing this week from the media’s frantic hyping of an “extinction crisis”. Skepticism is as dead as the dodo.

The headlines were breathless with fear and without even a zephyr of doubt.

“One million species at risk of extinction, UN report warns” (ABC)

“‘Our last chance’: Warning 1 million species at risk of ‘annihilation’” (

“The world is ‘sleepwalking into an extinction crisis’” (ABC)

Predictably, the taxpayer-funded ABC, already the chief propaganda arm for the global-warming movement, flogged this scare hardest.

From dawn to dark, ABC radio on Tuesday promoted the alarmist findings of a 400-page report of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

It started with Fran Kelly, the green activist who hosts the ABC’s Radio National Breakfast: “Now we’ve got these twin arms … we’ve got the climate crisis and a biodiversity crisis looming.”

No warning bells were sounded over the report’s claim that “approximately 25 percent of species are already threatened with extinction in most animal and plant groups studied” and that up to a million species were “committed to extinction, many within decades”.