Soros Groups Lobby EUSSR to abolish all borders

First, you abolish the borders. Then you abolish the natives and replace them with a Mohammedan proletariat.

Pope Francis: Church Must Abandon Old ‘Traditions’

It would be far better if the church abandoned him.

Nolte: CBS News Encourages Physical Assaults Against Political Right

CBS News Encourages Milkshake Assaults on European Conservatives

May Out After ‘Betrayal of 17.4m People’

EU Elections: Macron Says Nationalists Pose ‘Existential Risk’ to EU, Poll Puts Le Pen Party on Course for Victory

EU Elections: Macron Says Nationalists Pose ‘Existential Risk’…

An existential risk to  globalist rule in Eurabia, of course.

‘The Salvini Method Works’

That’s a no-brainer.

Migrant Welcome Associations Blast Salvini for Cutting off Money

They all profit from it. Shameless.

Italian pro-migrant associations which operate asylum reception centres have blasted populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for cutting funding.

The director of Italy’s largest migrant reception centre has slammed left-wing open borders activists, saying mass migration policies have done far more harm than good to Italy and to migrants.

“Scaltritti claimed that the amounts per migrant per day they charge for drug addicts was 75 euros a day, 130 euros a day for minor migrants, and up to 250 euros for migrants with mental health issues.”

How much for a one-way ticket back to where they belong?

Soros, EU Taxpayer-Funded NGOs Lobby Brussels for Total Open Borders

Soros, NGOs Lobby E.U. for Total Open Borders

Brussels needs a “courageous” migration policy which opens Europe’s borders to everyone fleeing “wars, climate change [and] poverty”, say ‘international experts’ funded by EU taxpayers and globalist billionaire George Soros.

At a forum discussion titled “Europe and migration: Where do we draw the border,” a panel of what were described as politically independent representatives from “established and respected international human rights organisations” concluded that the bloc must dismantle all immigration controls in order to respect the “rights” of illegal immigrants.

Organised by the Centre for Peace Studies (CMS) in Zagreb, panelists from the Croatian NGO, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch (HRW) — all of which are fundedby Soros’s grantmaking foundation — as well as the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, spoke on ‘the current state of migration policy’ in Europe and on changes open borders NGOs ‘expect’ from EU decision makers, reported local media.

Representatives from the CMS, which is funded by European taxpayers through the European Commission and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, said they were hoping to see Brussels bring an end to “violent” protection of the Croatian border.

Last year Breitbart London highlighted how open borders activists from the CMS’s ‘Welcome’ initiative had been threatening Croatian police officers over their defending the border in the face of attacks from third world migrants, the majority of whom were equipped with knives, according to Austrian intelligence.

The group demanded officers either refuse to carry out orders related to securing the country’s frontiers or else face increasing pressure from foreign NGOs, and the subsequent scrutiny that would follow from global media outlets and the so-called international community.

Brussels must also offer “safe and legal [migration] routes” for anyone “seeking security in the EU”, to restrict the powers of immigration control agencies in Europe and to establish “an independent mechanism to control conduct on borders”, said Julija Kranjec of the CMS.

Authorities near the Bosnia-Croatia border have increasingly struggled to cope with “militant behaviour” and violence following the arrival of thousands of asylum seekers, 80 to 85 per cent of whom are “economic migrants and not people who need international protection”, a UN Migration Agency/International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokesman said in December.

At the same time, Brussels announced it would be spending an additional €500,000 of taxpayers’ money on “humanitarian assistance” to the third world migrants camping in the Balkans, hoping to break into the EU, having already spent €31 million on migration-related projects in the region since 2015.

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