Censorship of Conservatives; Big Tech Monopolies To Fight Investigations

The Masters of the Universe Build a ‘Lobbying Army’ to Fight Potential Investigations

Masters of the Universe Build ‘Lobbying Army’ to Fight Investigations

Given Google’s billion dollar federal government contracts, can someone explain to me exactly where Google begins and the government ends?

YouTube Censorship Hiding Corruption from History
 Illegal Paki Migrant Charged with Murder of French Student

Keith Ellison Aiding ISIS Tied Mosque To Intimidate and De-Platform Citizen Journalist

An explosive and damning document exclusively obtained by Illoominate Media confirms that Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Attorney General who serves in Minnesota, is using his position as an elected official to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws against Conservatives who post content critical of ISIS tied mosques.


Tucker on Big Tech Tyranny: “Why is this allowed to continue? Let’s stop pretending, platforms like Twitter and Facebook and Youtube these are the modern public square…The question is how long will the rest of us stand for this?”