“If you don’t like the values of this country, you’re free to leave at any time”

Traitor politician Walter Lübcke eliminated. He had it coming.

 But now, the Merkel regime & its propaganda organs are ganging up on the last bastions of resistance, especially the blog “Politically Incorrect”, which has long been a thorn in the side of the regime.

The Crackdown: MSM come after Free Press over Far-Right Murder in Germany

The attack on free speech in the name of combating violence and “hate speech” continues to escalate: In Germany, MSM are trying to frame alternative media for the murder of CDU politician Walter Lübcke by a deranged far-right crazy.

Kassel regional government president Walter Lübcke, a member of Angela Merkel’s CDU, became a controversial figure in 2015 at the height of Merkel’s refugee influx, when he told a critic at a public debate, “If you don’t like the values of this country, you’re free to leave at any time.” The remark caused an uproar in patriotic German circles, Lübcke received a torrent of threats and online abuse which had since faded, however.

On June 2 of this year, Lübcke was found shot in the head in his yard. On June 15, suspect Stefan E. was arrested, who is active in far-right paramilitary group Combat 18 and was convicted of bombing a refugee home in 1993.

Mainstream media are now blaming alternative media in Germany for this crime. As Soros-funded “Hate Speech monitor” Amadeu Antonio Foundation and blog Volksverpetzer reported, a reader had posted the (publicly available) office address of Dr. Walter Lübcke in the comments section of leading German alternative news site Politically Incorrect in 2015.

The statement released by the Association of Free Media in Germany says: “The murder of Dr. Walter Lübcke, allegedly by a far-right activist, is a heinous crime. We urgently need to examine not only the crime, but also the circumstances that led to this deed.”

“The policy of the Merkel government, which then-Bavarian Governor and current Interior Minister Horst Seehofer called “the rule of injustice”, has created conditions in Germany which serve ass justification for the actions of such far-right radicals.”

“The constant spin of the mainstream media and ruling parties, trying to equate critical citizens and free media with actual Nazis and far-right extremists merely serves to hide those extremists and allow them to move ‘like a fish in the water’ among legitimate opposition.”

“We, the German free media, vehemently protest any attempt by the mainstream media to blame us for this heinous crime. We have as little to do with the underground scene from which the accused culprit Stefan E. hails as any other groups of civil society. On the contrary, we have been warning of this kind of development for a long time, which has produced a social and political polarization where such despicable extremism could flourish. We, the German free media, are resolutely pro-Israel and tolerant of homosexuals due to our liberal-conservative values, and were often targeted by the far right for this reason.”