Is Big Tech Trying To Destroy America From Within?

Yes, there is a method in the madness, and there is a diabolical plan behind it. Tucker Carlson gets it:

“Whatever it takes to avoid another Trump situation”
Google Exec: I Used ‘Imprecise Language’ in Project Veritas Video

Now see the same b*tch here. Look how ‘woke’ she is.

Project Veritas – Leaked Google Document Labels Prager U, Jordan Peterson ‘Nazis’

Google Wants to Teach Your Children to Spot ‘Fake News’

Google Is a Totalitarian Entity,’ ‘Way Beyond’ Monopoly

Google’s shaping of people’s attitudes and behaviors through its control of internet searches amounts to something “way beyond” a monopoly, determined Dr. Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. He joined Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak to discuss Project Veritas’ undercover investigation documenting Google executives’ stated commitment to avoid another “Trump situation.”

The “news” media is the propaganda arm of the DemoRats.

They control what is sold to you as ‘news’. And all they want now is to overthrow Trump.

Dennis Prager is a Jew.

Ben Shapiro is a Jew.

Both have spoken extensively against anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Hitler, etc. Yet a Google employee claims they are Nazis in order to justify suppressing conservative content? Nice try, . ?

Financial Blacklisting: Sleeping Giants and Soros-Backed Group Pressure Mastercard to Censor the Right

A coalition of far-left political activist organizations known for peddling smears about conservatives held a protest at Mastercard’s annual general meeting (AGM) today, aiming to pressure the international credit card giant to financially blacklist wider sections of the political right. The groups’ proposal to form a “human rights committee” did not sway shareholders, who voted the measure down.