More ‘Expressions of Muslimness’ & Antifa Attacks

Clever Trevor Rejects “Expressions of Muslimness”

Britain’s former equality tsar Trevor Phillips OBE has warned the sweeping new definition of “Islamophobia” is a “bullies’ charter” for Muslims inclined to censor criticism of Islam and Islamic practices.

UK former equity chief warns: “Islamophobia” is a “bullies charter” used by “censorious Muslims”

The Nuclear Option: Pompeo Rebukes Iran’s ‘Childlike and Immature’ President Rouhani

Nuclear Option: Pompeo Slams Iran’s ‘Childlike and Immature’ President Rouhani

Meanwhile, in the land of the free & the home of the brave:

Antifa has replaced the KKK as the militant arm of the Left. This is the new lynching.

This is what the left means when they say they just want to throw milkshakes at Nazis.

Crazy how fast the left & Antifa went from “punch Nazis” to “punch gay Vietnamese-American journalists.”

The new civility is no civility at all:

It isn’t just the restaurant owner condoning it’s also the Washington Post condoning it:
Server spits on Eric Trump in Chicago bar. Now restaurant owner who kicked out Sarah Sanders leaps to defence-of server. ‘New rules apply…if you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home.’

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  1. Mayor told cops to “stand down” (don’t defend citizens from criminals). That’s got to qualify as a crime in itself, no? Ditto for any cops who obeyed that illegal order – off to jail with them all!

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