War with Iran?

Trump Made Journos Heads Explode With His Reaction To The Iran-Drone Controversy

NYT: Trump Ordered, Then Canceled Air and Naval Strikes Against Iran

Iran shoots down American drone, declares it’s ready for war

Pentagon: Iran Attack Against U.S. Drone ‘Unprovoked’

Nine Iranians Arrested with over 100 Kilos of Heroin in Sri Lanka

Klein: Europeans Won’t Blame Iran Because ‘Billions at Stake’

USS Abraham Lincoln (Michael Singley / U.S. Navy via Getty)The New York Times reported Thursday evening that President Donald Trump ordered air and naval strikes against Iranian targets in response to the shooting down of a U.S. Navy drone earlier that day, but canceled them “abruptly.”

Ilhan Omar slams Trump for escalating Iran tensions, promotes Iranian Nuke Deal

U.N. Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet Arrives in Venezuela to Investigate Maduro Regime

One communist giving a heads up to another communist.

While President of Chile, Bachelet developed reasonably warm diplomatic ties with late dictator Hugo Chávez and the Maduro regime, sharing a similar left-wing ideology.

“I look forward to listening to all voices & working with all actors to promote and protect all human rights of all Venezuelans.”

Crack me up! Maduro will be the next appointment to the UN human rights position due to his experience. This is how the UN works their magic.

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  1. Trump is just maneuvering the presstitutes to openly endorse treason in public, waiting for them to say in no way should America ever fight back against enemy regimes that attack it.

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