Centrelink scammer Ikraam Mohamud gets 200 years to pay back money she stole from us

Centrelink scammer Ikraam Mohamud gets 200 years to pay back money she stole from us

She arrived in Australia as a Somali refugee with nothing and was given everything – thanks to Australian taxpayers.

The fraudster hid her face with a niqab and wore dark sunglasses on entering the court, but revealed her face upon facing sentence. 

Ikraam Mohamud, 31, of Reservoir could have been jailed for 10 years after ripping of the government in a welfare scam

Centrelink fraud who was earning more than $80,000 a year was spending thousands of dollars a day after cheating taxpayers out of $90,000 for ‘greed, not need’

  • Ikraam Mohamud, 31, of Reservoir stole almost $90,000 in Centrelink payments
  • The Somalian refugee was already earning decent money working in childcare 
  • Mohamud was warned repeatedly to declare her income but she ignored it
  • When Mohamud was caught she quit her job so she could continue on welfare
  • The mother of two was jailed for two years with a minimum of just three months

‘F– off’: Heated clash as fraudster grandma who faked blindness leaves court

By Brady Halls
A Current Affair Staff
Supporters of a woman who has admitted to faking blindness and coaching others in how to rip of Centrelink have lashed out at a reporter outside court.
A Current Affair previously reported that grandmother Rebecca Assie received a disability pension for 21 years after telling Centrelink she was blind, when she wasn’t.
But when authorities finally pounced on her blindness fraud, they discovered Assie was also running a “school” for other would-be fraudsters from within her housing commission home.
She would help them fill out Centrelink forms, giving them advice and seeking out doctors who would turn a blind eye to their cheating ways.
When police raided her home, they discovered nearly $250,000 in her home safe.
Six of her “students” were charged, and two have since been jailed.
In court today, Assie’s family claimed she was unable to walk down the street following the report on A Current Affair.
However, the judge said it was in the community interest.
Assie, who is currently on a carer’s pension, cried in the dock when a family member said Assie’s arranged marriage to her cousin long ago was a union with a dominating, controlling man.
But the court was later informed her fraud continued after her husband’s death.
Outside court, things grew heated when A Current Affairreporter Brady Halls approached the group.
Asked if Assie was sorry for what she had done, Halls was told to “f— off” by a woman in a hoodie.
“I take it that’s a no?” Halls said.
“F— off and shut that camera off as well,” the woman repeated.
Assie will remain on bail for six more weeks ahead of sentencing on August 30


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