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An Orthodox Jewish man is walking to work in east London.

A man behind him calls out “f***ing Jew”, pulls out a knife and starts running and yells out “‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going to chop your head off” according to reports.

The Jewish man ran for his life and was fortunate to escape.

The perpetrator has been caught by police and arrested, still in possession of his knife.

Support ”asylum seekers”? Here’s the thanks you get for it.

If we lived in more sane times, this incident alone would be enough to finish the criminal asylum racket in entirety & for good. Because we live in ? times literally nothing will change bc this is all ‘normal’

Hundreds of Syrians in UK arrested over string of offences including rape and child abuse

Import savages & you get savage conditions.

HUNDREDS of Syrians in Britain were arrested last year for a string of offences including rape, death threats and child abuse.

Police forces have revealed the figures which show 897 were held in England and Wales.

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