NZ: Jacinda Ardern gives advice how Muslims can rise to leadership positions

Jacinda does that by wearing a fashionable hijab, which has nothing to do with Islam or with submission, right?

Jacinda Ardern dons hijab as she fronts Islamic Women’s Council national conference

She promised to help workshop aspiring Muslim leaders in politics.

Responding to a question about how the Muslim community can rise to leadership positions, Ardern said she’d like to unite them with local and central government.

“I would love for us to create a forum where we can spend some time together, as politicians and women with those who are interested in taking on leadership roles.”

She asked the conference who was interested – and an uproar of applause broke out.

Meanwhile, Alan Jones is battling it out with his Moonbat advertisers, who are spooked into dumping his show for more Moonbattery:

Another Day, Another Mosque

Angry residents have gathered at Castle Hill RSL to fight plans for a Mosque in Glenhaven.

Around 800 locals have turned up for the public meeting about the $7See More

Qantas, the UN, Julie Bishop and the push to refuse carrying forced deportations & other asylum seeker movements
No one in Australia should forget that Julie Bishop was just a Turncoat lackey. Her progression to the UN-OIC-NWO regime comes naturally. She doesn’t even see treason in it, because no one ever held that mob responsible.

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility wants to stop Qantas’s involvement in the forced deportation and transfer of asylum seekers between sites of detention.

And thanks to Qantas’s pandering to the UN they might just get there.

Yesterday, these resolutions were added to the Qantas AGM agenda.

9 thoughts on “NZ: Jacinda Ardern gives advice how Muslims can rise to leadership positions”

  1. I believe in religious freedom.
    I claim my right to criticize religious beliefs of any denomination.
    I value the separation of religion and state.
    I will not accept a theocracy.

    1. “Religious Freedom” for Mohammedans means something completely different from what we understand RF to be.

      It demands the enforcement of Islamic law on the whole society. It is for that reason we cannot coexist.

  2. Jacinda Ardern if she wants to wear the hijab then she should do it the right way and not show her hair.

    NZ men get very excited if your hair is showing.

    Kathy Zhu had encountered and taken umbrage at a “’try a hijab on’ booth” at her university campus.Thye asked her would she like to try on a hijab.She said no she is late for class.

    So she tweeted:

    “So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?” one of the tweets read.

  3. Jacinda Adern is a dangerous , hideous mole.. Many in NZ can not stand her..She is trying to turn NZ into an islamic country and we are losing more freedom every day.

    1. Some one Build Youre mind Wrong, In ISLAM You are under the rules of God, In Democracy you are under the rules of government . So tell me which one is better?

  4. Before 1900 Even Christens Ladies Wear Hijab, But after coming of fashion and other devils agencies , the hijab is only wearied by Muslim’s Ladies. So its mean fashion industry and devils agencies totally destroy Christians religious and still destroying them. Think about it what you are before 1900 and after 2000.

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