Hypocrisy & Stupidity

No. We do not celebrate all cultures

Do you celebrate cultures that cut off a girl’s clitoris?

Should we celebrate cultures that iron a girl’s breasts?

Hypocrisy unveiled when Western women embrace tools of oppression

Celebrating misogyny in the name of diversity.  Veiling was invented by men & imposed upon women to control, separate and subjugate. The hijab/niqab/burqa/chador represent modesty culture, which requires women to cover up, marking those who don’t.

Women in New Zealand were encouraged to wear hijabs in a misguided and counter-productive, albeit well-intentioned, bit of activism.Women in New Zealand were encouraged to wear hijabs in a misguided and counter-productive, albeit well-intentioned, bit of activism.

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun

If you are going to celebrate the hijab then you should know it’s not just a garment, it’s not just a fashion accessory you can put on like you’re playing dress-up.

The hijab, and other Muslim veils, such as the niqab, burqa and chador, is imbued with deep symbolism and represents modesty culture, which requires women to cover up, marking those who don’t.

At its core, modesty culture is deeply anti-women.

There’s good reason why the majority of Muslim women in the West choose not to wear the hijab and why women’s rights campaigners living under Islam fight, at great personal risk, against its imposition.

Women are not risking their life and liberty to protest against a piece of cloth, it represents much more and we betray these brave women when we embrace the hijab as a symbol of diversity and harmony. That’s the last thing it is.

Women in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are required to cover up by law or social convention and there are grim repercussions for those who fail to comply.

In 2019 there are still thousands of women in the Muslim world arrested, beaten and imprisoned for protesting against compulsory veiling.

Earlier this year we learned Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to 38 years’ prison and 148 lashes for defending Iranian women who have been arrested and charged for removing their hijabs.

The Washington Post editorial board wrote of her plight: “The prosecution of Ms Sotoudeh is outrageous. Her crime? She defended women being prosecuted for peacefully protesting Iran’s compulsory hijab law by removing the head covering in public.”

Sadly, Sotoudeh’s case is not unique.

Women living under modesty culture requirements risk arrest by authorities and far worse from vigilantes if they do not abide by strict codes imposed on them.

Veiling was invented by men and imposed upon women to control, separate and subjugate.

To this day it’s forced upon millions of oppressed women. It was forced on me as a child and I can only shake my head when I see empowered women in the West fetishise these tools of oppression.

Many in the Muslim community applauded non-Muslim NZ women donning veils but there was also been stiff opposition from some women who wear the hijab and see the campaign as “tokenistic” and a form of “cultural appropriation”.

Women’s rights campaigner Darya Safai was disappointed by the use of a “symbol of discrimination” that many women see as authoritarian and repressive. “This is the WRONG way to show solidarity!” she tweeted.

Founder of Free Hearts Free Minds Yasmine Mohammed, who was disowned and threatened by her family when she decided to stop wearing the veil in Canada, said NZ women who embraced the hijab should feel ashamed. “We all deserve freedom … not just you,” she wrote. “STOP supporting our subjugation.”

Anti-hijab activist Maryam Shariatmadari, who in the past has been imprisoned by the Iranian regime, also hit out at privileged Western women who are wilfully blind to the symbolism of the hijab.

“The West unintentionally help fundamentalists to suppress women like me when they glorify the hijab and make it the symbol of harmony,” she posted along with a picture of Jacinda Ardern in a hijab and one of herself in Iran being assaulted for not wearing the veil.

Meanwhile, ABC feminists uncritically praised the celebration of the hijab with no consideration of the deeper implications. As usual, they were too preoccupied with moral posturing to worry about what message was being sent to those living under genuine patriarchal oppression.

I find it utterly bizarre to see supposed feminists adopting a tool of oppression rejected by the majority of Muslim women in the West and fought against by women’s rights campaigners in the Muslim world.

Read full piece here.

It was pleasure to have the man labelled the most prominent intellectual in France, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lèvy, on Outsiders on Sky News Australia last Sunday. He spoke about the rise of antisemitism in France, socialism and his opposition to full face veils:

Yasmine Mohammed ياسمين محمد ?@YasMohammedxx

“I am a liberal. I am leftist. Therefore I am in favor of strict equality between women and men. Therefore I refuse this idea of a big man having power over women compelling them to hide themselves in the shadow…” MERCI BEAUCOUP @BHL ?

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Sky News Australia


.@BHL: The veil is a political symbol, not a religious one.

MORE: https://bit.ly/2BuFqi1 

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  1. That’s not, strictly speaking, “stupidity” – it’s common hypocrisy, the symptoms of which (selfish, subjective double standards, where one is always right, and a victim, while everyone else is always wrong, and one’s oppressor, not matter what) will never make any factually objective sense. All feminists are hypocritical masochists (all masochists are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are masochists) and they are also all extortive criminals.

  2. It is a kind of “chastity belt” to cover the head orifices….and stop any fiddling with the woman….the nakib covers all of them, even the eyes, in some countries, as the men there tend to be extremely paranoid and are afraid that if they are not watching their women cant be trusted…

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