“It hardly matters whether al -Bagdhadi is dead or alive”

Because the jihad ideology doesn’t depend on some individual.

“it hardly matters whether he is dead or alive.” This is because jihadis don’t turn to jihad because they’re following some charismatic leader. They turn to jihad because they believe that in doing so, they are pleasing Allah and winning a place in Paradise.

But of course, our learned mainstream analysts refuse to accept this or consider its implications and thus continue to misapprehend the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat.

But the real problem is…’Climate Change!’
Climate wankers struggle with ‘war on cow-farts’

‘Leaking machine’: Trump kept House Intelligence Committee in the dark about Baghdadi raid

Good move!

“There’s a very small group of people that knew about this. We had very, very few people. A leak could have caused the deaths of all of them.”– Donald Trump

The difference between a boss and… photoshop in the situation room:

Caliph al-Baghdadi Blows Himself Up – Takes Wives, Children with Him

Here’s how the drecks media reports it:

Pelousi shaken & stirred:

President Trump’s successful operation to take out Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent Democrats scrambling on Sunday, as several top party leaders had complained publicly in recent days that the White House had no “real plan” to combat the terror group following the U.S. pullout in Syria.

Once great Britain, totally off the rails

He terrorised the terrorists, and we can’t have that:

A British man who trained to fight with Kurdish units against Islamic State has been found guilty of a terrorism offence in a retrial at the Old Bailey.