Allahuakbar: Member of Saudi Military Shoots Up Pensacola Navy Base

Pensacola Navy base shooting: no lessons have been learned from 9/11

It’s worse than you can imagine. Scandalous:

Six Saudis are arrested over Pensacola naval base shooting including three who FILMED the attack by a countryman who killed three and wounded eight before being shot dead.

New York Times says “motive unclear”

Florida: Naval Air Station jihad murderer was Saudi aviation student, member of Saudi military

Fake News Media calls this vile savage a ‘Saudi aviation student’.  Was he learning how to do midair flight turns?

Giving Saudi nationals flight training on a Naval Airbase. What could possibly go wrong? “NAS Pensacola shooter identified as Saudi aviation student; possible terror motive being investigated”


4 dead in Pensacola Navy base shooting, including gunman  assassin who was a Saudi national

Four people died, including the suspect. Seven others were injured
In other news:

SIS Jihadi in Sydney arrested.

Sydney (Musel-)man to be charged with terror offences


The Riverwood man was arrested on Wednesday morning by members of the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team.

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  1. SIS Jihadi in Sydney arrested
    the islams/Diversifiers STILL in Australia !!!

    The islams And Diversifiers Are Still In Australia
    (the Australian islam/diversifier problem remains) !!!

    1. Australia’s “Authorities
    2. Australia’s Politicians
    3. Australia’s Judiciary
    4. Australia’s (W)Academics
    5. Australia’s (W)Academics’ Students
    These Leftoid/Marxist Criminals
    Who Continue The Invader/Murderer Immigration
    Have Yet To Be Rounded Up and Incarcerated
    For Their Crimes Of Treason/Subversion/Sedition
    (aiding abetting and conspiring the invasion of Australia by islams and diversifiers) !!!

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