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Man wielding a machete stabs at least five people at synagogue during a Hanukkah party in New York

Reports indicate African American male with machete stabbed five people. Pretty much every house in Monsey is House of Worship, it has large mostly Hasidic population.

Fifteen people reported stabbed in synagogue by man who burst in and pulled out a machete at a Hanukkah party before going on the run in upstate New York

The infidels must not be allowed to celebrate their high holidays. That offends the soldiers of allah.

  • Incident took place in the small hamlet of Monsey in Rockland County, New York
  • Reports indicate African American male with machete stabbed 15 people
  • Local Hassidic community officials say two victims are in critical condition 
  • They say suspect was wearing a scarf that was partially covering his face
  • Suspect is said to have fled the scene in a car shortly after the stabbings 
  • Video from scene shows numerous ambulances and emergency vehicles 

An assailant stabbed multiple victims in a synagogue in the small upstate New York town of Monsey late on Saturday night, according to several social media reports.

Video circulating on Twitter shows emergency vehicles and ambulances hurriedly evacuating victims from a home on Forshay Road in Monsey.

That home is believed to be used as a house of worship.

One local report is claiming that an African American man armed with a machete stabbed at least 15 people after entering the synagogue.