The idiot American voter cannot be allowed to vote for Trump

DemRats have openly said that they are impeaching President Trump because he will just “cheat again” in 2020 and the idiot American voter cannot be allowed to have that choice.

Seriously. They said this.


Macron accused of treason by French generals for signing UN Migration Pact

France surpasses Merkel’s Germany in “asylum requests” since “…France welcomes asylum requests from migrants who’ve had their asylum requests rejected elsewhere”



“Refugees” and riot police clash in Rome



Peter Dutton admits Australia ‘will be compelled’ to take back more terrorists

So our future is the hands of the OIC-controlled UN? Our fate is determined by the globalists?

2 thoughts on “The idiot American voter cannot be allowed to vote for Trump”

  1. Amazing …
    The islams and Africans
    (aka – Invaders and Diversifiers)
    are STILL Invading and Diversifying Australia !!!
    • living off undeserved and non-contributed to Social Benefits.
    • enables buying BIG Screen TV’s and Late Model Vehicles.
    • Landlord (via Real Estate agency) Criminals Lease them shelter they should not be privileged with

    (All) Courtesy Of Leftoids/Marxists AND Conservatives…
    Australia’s Criminal “authorities”
    Australia’s Criminal politicians
    Australia’s Criminal (W)Academics
    Australia’s Criminal (W)Academic’s Students
    (Pauline’s Super gets more Super everydayshe smiles bigly as does the other senators and representatives) !!!

    Remove and Incarerate these Criminals (aka … Traitors Subversives and Seditioners) for their Treason Subversion and Sedition.

    Yet Another example of Criminal Activity …
    Australia – Wake Up Or Die!

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