Terror in Londonistan & Belgium


In other words, yet another Mohammedan followed the call for jihad & started to assassinate disbelievers.


If you import Mohammedans, you get jihad. It’s the nature of the beast.

'Muslim ban should end, not expand': Groups slam Trump travel ban

Trump administration expands travel ban to include Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

Why should it end? Should it end because Mohammedans are deserving of any concessions?

Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan denounce Trump's expanded US travel ban

Nigeria says will take steps to address concerns raised by US, which has added six countries to a travel ban.

Nigeria has got an Islamic gov’t. They will do whatever serves Islam.

Trump's expanded travel ban sows fear in communities across US

Rights groups decry the ban as a further step to keep Muslims and other racialised people out of the US.

F*kc ‘Rights Groups”.

Abbas, enraged over Trump peace plan, suspends relations with US and Israel

Big loss here: a massive welfare case, addicted to lying and whining, is cutting ties. If he doesn’t have the U.S. President kowtowing to him and accepting his lies, he will take his marbles (paid for with foreign aid) and go home.

Hamas top dog writes to all Islamic heads of state, urging them to reject Trump peace plan

Once again, the heads of Muslim countries would have no interest in this matter were it not for Islamic theological imperatives that lead to calls for the destruction of Israel. For Ismail Haniyeh, this is all about Islam, the one aspect of the conflict that Western analysts refuse to examine.

Turkey: Demonstrators protest Trump peace plan, hold signs saying “Jerusalem belongs to Islam”