Coronaphobia (Bloody Tuesday)

Bloody Tuesday.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs just announced it is expelling all the American reporters at Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post.

And not allowing them to work in HONG KONG either. Unprecedented.

Trump administration hits back after China kicks out US journalists amid coronavirus pandemic

Have you noted the parallel narratives between America’s left-wing news media and China’s state-run propaganda regarding the coronavirus outbreak?


Macron Puts France on 15-Day Lockdown

Italian Mayor: We Can’t Cremate Bodies Fast Enough to Keep Up with Coronavirus Deaths
Hijab to be part of the Uniform of the Australian Army
IQ levels in the ivory towers of those in charge of the army must be awfully low.?
Iran issued its most dire warning yet Tuesday about the outbreak of the new coronavirus ravaging the country, suggesting “millions” could die.


And just like that, “climate change” vanished from the hysterical “news” propaganda networks.

Conspiracy theory that Jews created virus spreads on social media, ADL says

Scientists discover the #COVID2019 virus may be weakening…this is good news:

A team of Singapore-based scientists has uncovered the first glimmer of hope that the COVID-19 virus could be mutating into a less virulent strain after discovering key protein suspected to affect the virus’s transmission and severity has disappeared in some patients.


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  1. Paving the way (for treason etc …)
    By Corporal Julia Whitwell
    17 March 2020 [sic]

    … and then the (enlisted) invader islams and diversifying Criminal African Tribals murder the ADF personnel unexpectedly

    Being aided and abetted by conspiring Australian Politicians Authorities Judiciary and (W)academics (aka … Leftoids Marxists (aka … The Greens))

    The islam Mind Virus Is Fatal To islams !
    The islam Mind Virus Is Fatal To non-islams !!
    The islam Mind Virus Must Be Eradicated !!!

    Australian are Truly not represented by their rulers !!!!!

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