“False Hope” in the days of the Coronavirus

 Donald Trump explains, in terms simple enough for even a journalist to understand, why he refers to it as a “Chinese virus”.

Epic smackdown of Cecila Vega, a notorious hack who never thinks, (according to #Trump)

NBC’s @PeterAlexander accuses Trump of putting “positive spin” on #COVID19 response and giving Americans “false hope”

‘No Exceptions’: Philippines Bans All Foreigners over Coronavirus


Coronavirus Quarantine Violators to Face up to Two Years in Prison in Argentina
Coronavirus in Italy Kills 13 Catholic Priests
Dozens of Nuns in Rome Convents Infected

Australia’s first coronavirus case was diagnosed just 51 days ago, on January 25. By last Friday, that number had increased to 197. On Saturday it grew to 220. And yesterday it leapt to 298.

Once upon a time, the Australian government was condemned as racist for placing Australian citizens returned from China in quarantine on Christmas Island.

The mood in Australian supermarkets is not cooling down.

Miami Beach Shuts Down All Beaches as Spring Breakers Defy Social Distancing Orders
Charlie Kirk: Don’t Let Political Opportunists Turn Coronavirus Relief into Socialism
Taliban: Coronavirus ‘a Decree of Allah … Because of the Sins of Mankind’



2 thoughts on ““False Hope” in the days of the Coronavirus”


    That’s not good for those who wanted to seize even more power – which is probably why you haven’t heard about it.

    President Trump, even surrounded by carriers of Wuhan virus, is not affected.
    He told us.
    The chief knows the secret, but his ‘advisors’ have it on hold.

    FACT- Hydroxychloroquinine has been used for malaria – which I contracted 35 years ago in South America – and has been proven effective against the Wuhan virus, which uses a similar mechanism to attack humans.

  2. Andrew Torba [Verified Account] @a
    Florida coronavirus patient lives on thanks to Trump-backed drug

    Florida coronavirus patient lives on thanks to Trump-backed drug | Trends
    A Florida man diagnosed with coronavirus claims he was saved from certain death by an anti-malarial drug touted as a possible treatment by President Trump.


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