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Manzoor Akthar and Shaqeel Hussain and the rest of the ASIAN grooming gang had the helpless NON ASIAN child sexually molested by over 300 men by the time she was 15.  Just don’t call them Paki Call them “Asians”. That’s it. Sick and vile

Paedophile, 31, is jailed for four years after raping 13-year-old girl as he becomes 35th member of Asian grooming gang to be sentenced to total of 380 years over child sex abuse

  • Manzoor Akhtar, 31, of Crosland Moor, Huddersfield jailed for rape of girl, 13
  • Shaqeel Hussain, 36, has 12 months added to previous eight-year sentence
  • Hussain, of Dewsbury, West Yorks, received previous sentence for raping girl, 14
  • Akhtar pleads guilty rape and Hussain to indecent assault at Leeds Crown Court

Meanwhile, Hussain, 36, of Dewsbury, West Yorks, can now be named as reporting restrictions were lifted after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard McNamara of the Kirklees District CID, said: ‘Akhtar richly deserves the prison sentence he has been given after being found guilty and convicted for the dreadful sexual abuse of this young victim.

‘He thought nothing of this girl’s obvious very young age as he raped her and treated her in a fashion which can only be described as callous in the extreme.’

DCI McNamara said he was also pleased that Shaqeel Hussain could now be named.

But not by Tommy Robinson. The establishment would have put the lad right back in jail.

What is Operation Tendersea?

Six men were jailed today for the rape and sexual exploitation of teenagers in Huddersfield.

A seventh is due to be sentenced tomorrow.

It means that a total of 34 men have now been convicted following West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Tendersea investigation into child sexual exploitation in the town, with prison sentences totalling more than 300 years.

So far, six cases have been heard through the operation, leading to multiple convictions and total sentences of 377 and a half years.

It is the single biggest group of convicted rapists in the same area.

Another trial stemming from the operation is due to start in April.

DCI Richard McNamara of Kirklees District, West Yorkshire Police said today: ‘Operation Tendersea should send a very clear message that the Police and our Partners at Kirklees will not hesitate to pursue those who sexually abuse children and we will do all we can to seek justice for the victims, no matter when, or how long ago the abuse took place.

‘I would urge anyone who may have been the victim of child sexual abuse in Kirklees or elsewhere who has not contacted us to come forwards.’