China Lied, 239,888 (and Counting) have Died

Ouch! Half the Staff of Swedish Hospital Department Test Positive for Coronavirus

Huge news. What’s the connection between Fauci and the millions of U.S. dollars to this Wuhan lab? Fauci’s threat to Trump in 2017 saying he is sure that Trump would have to deal with a virus crisis? We know that Fauci is a Clintonista; Fauci thinks it is okay to destroy the economy by waiting 18 months for a vaccine. Only Remdesivir has the man almost gushing with enthusiasm.

That’s the expensive stuff. 

Protesters in London ‘take part in mass hug’ in defiance of coronavirus lockdown outside Met Police headquarters…

Protesters in London have been seen taking part in a “mass hug” outside Met Police’s headquarters in defiance of the coronavirus lockdown.

The crowd outside New Scotland Yard, close to the Houses of Parliament, were seen hugging each other as others held signs reading: “My body, my choice.”

Another at the protest on Saturday held a sign saying: “No more lockdown.”

To save money, Xi Ginsling does his own signing

China wants to stall or avoid altogether any investigation into the origins of their Wuhan flu – but a dossier now reveals the West is wise to China’s delaying tactics and much more besides.

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Department of Education Investigating University of Texas over Links to Wuhan Lab, Zoom

Dept. of Education Investigating U of Texas over Links to Wuhan Lab
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Farage: We Imported Coronavirus Thanks to UK’s Lax Border Controls

To save money, Xi Ginsling does his own signing
To save money, Xi Ginsling does his own signing
China Lied, 239,888 (and Counting) have Died

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  1. I lost all trust in Fauci. When he dismissed HCQ/AZ/Zn and discouraged it, and now, he is recommeding an injection only treatment that costs $$$$ compared to pennies for HCQ+? He is basing that bias on just one trial to promote remedesivir. And he hates Trump. No thanks.

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