The fundamental transformation of America


Pollak: Barack Obama Himself Was the Threat to the Rule of Law

Pollak: No, Obama Himself Was the Threat to Rule of Law

Obama Was in the Middle of the Plot to Take Down Flynn and Trump’

Covid-19 unleashed ‘tsunami of hate’ against Muslims, UN chief warns

It’s now official UN-policy to crush freedom of speech worldwide to establish a communist NWO.

Islam keeps him in business. like Solana, Barroso & Ban Ki Moonbat before him,  communist grifter Guterres is totally in the pocket of the OIC.

He (Guterres) called on the media, especially social media, to ‘remove racist, misogynist and other harmful content,’ on civil society to strengthen their outreach to vulnerable people, and on religious figures to serve as ‘models of mutual respect.’

China, Home to World’s Largest Muslim Concentration Camps, Calls Breitbart News Anti-Muslim

China—Home to World’s Largest Muslim Concentration Camps— Smears Breitbart as Anti-Muslim

Harvard Law Prof: Coronavirus Is an Excuse to Dump Free Speech, Property Rights from Constitution

Harvard Law Prof: Coronavirus Is an Excuse to Dump Free Speech, Property Rights from Constitution
Salon Owner to Reopen Business Despite Stay Home Order
Little Sisters of the Poor Return to U.S. Supreme Court to Defend Religious Freedom

Linkdump from the Gates of Vienna:

Immigration has become ‘migration’
» At Least 227 Migrants Arrive in the UK After Crossing English Channel During First Two Days of Bank Holiday Weekend Including 50 Packed on Board One Inflatable Boat
» Belgium: Police Officers Injured After Being Attacked by Migrants (Video)
» Chechen Migrant Drags French Policeman Over 60 Feet to Escape Virus Check
» Georgetown Sues US for Not Giving Money to Illegal Immigrant Families
» Hungarian MEP: Immigration From Africa Can be Stopped With the Right Aid and Policies
» Hungary: ‘Yes to Protecting Women, No to Gender Ideology, Illegal Migration’
» Italian Nurse on Coronavirus Frontline Raped by Illegal Migrant After Her Shift
» Netherlands: Syrian Migrant Arrested for Vandalizing Jewish Restaurant, Again
» Pakistani NGO Linked to Turkey Spreads Fake News About Greek Migrant Camps
» South Sudanese Refugee, 29, Who Fled War-Torn Africa to Start a New Life in Australia Will be Deported After Committing More Than Forty Crimes — Including Sex With a Child and Groping Two Schoolgirls at a Bus Stop
» UW Gives Money to Illegal Immigrants Who Don’t Qualify for Federal Aid