Collective Insanity

Cult Like Crowd Of Hundreds Renounce Their “White Privilege” In Eerie Chant!

Wayne Dupree

If I were heading this Jim Jones cult event in the video below, I would have had an offering plate at the exits. 

Is it not an amazing coincidence that “systemic racism” manifests itself only when a Republican occupies the White House, yet disappears during Democrat administrations?

And is it not even more amazing that this recrudescence during Republican administrations is concentrated in those cities and jurisdictions run by Democrats?

Our children are being indoctrinated by the school, social media, and entertainment. As all socialists know, you must groom the children to collapse society.

If we don’t stand up and fast, our society will collapse. We are losing our children.


In other news:

Let’s all take a moment to remember that while chaos and anarchy grow here in our country, helpless White farmers are still being slaughtered in South Africa – just for being White. This is the fate which awaits White Americans as the rising tidal wave of anti-White hate grows.
4 men broke into Roelof Botha’s farmhouse and hacked him to death on Monday. Yet they tell us that Roelof & the thousands of other murdered farmers had some sort of ‘white privilege’