Dead N*gga Storage

Chicago Erupts In Violence: 85 Shot, 24 Dead As Chicago Sees Most Violent Weekend of 2020

Chicago Erupts In Violence: 85 Shot, 24 Dead As Chicago Sees Most Violent Weekend of 2020

No riots, no Hollywood style funerals with golden caskets, no schlong of Al Sharpton’s calibre to blame whitey for “racism”.

Blacks only make up 6% of America’s population, but somehow they commit 52% of all crime.


Why is George Floyd in a gold casket?

Why are police saluting him?

Why does he get the same national TV coverage as former US President’s funerals?

Why is George Floyd’s niece quoting MAGA only to comment America was never great?

Why does no one talk about his criminal past?


As celebrities look on, the funeral is all about getting @realDonaldTrump out of office. George Floyd will be buried today in Houston next to his mother


Pathetic. Dumb white kids acting like militant blacks.

Fears of violence as far-Right thugs plan to ‘defend’ London statues

No fears over violent black thugs & knife-wielding Mohammedans. But “far-right thugs” trying to defend their heritage stand condemned. 

White Englishmen who don’t agree with destroying the country are ‘thugs’ according to Daily Mail scribblers.

Football supporters and far-right extremists have vowed to counter Black Lives Matter protests and keep vigil around war memorials and statues.
I can’t wait to see these “far-right extremists” out & about.

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  1. Have a look at the “RationalWiki” article on Larry Pickering and fume. It is nothing but a Leftist character assassination, something at which they excel.
    I am past seeing them as fellow humans and in my mindthey join their muslim subhuman allies a such.

    1. They do that with everyone. If you read Robert Spencer’s Wiki entry, you could get the idea that he is a demon=possessed mass-murderer. Lefturds are masters in character assassination. They always accuse us of what they’re guilty of.

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