Riots in Paris, Londonistan & elsewhere…

OMG, here she comes again, the one & only Cressida Dick, Londonistan’s totally woke LGBT commish:

Met feared 'serious disorder' if lockdown rules were enforced at racism protest
Cressida Dick: ‘We stand alongside all those across the globe who are appalled and horrified by the way George Floyd lost his life.’

Met feared ‘serious disorder’ if lockdown rules were enforced at racism protest


Britain’s top officer has said police feared there would be violence if they tried to intervene with protesters in London angered by the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of an American officer.

Can’t interfere, you see. Gotta give them space to destroy. Where did we hear that before?

This is Obama and Brennan’s infiltration being activated. They’re the ones that destabilized the ME along with the Clinton Cartel and caused the immigration. They attacked the US with extreme leftist ideologies now being activated. Welcome to the age of Unconventional Warfare.

Any n*gga who demands white people kneel to him is a damn racist… A white person that will kneel to a black person is a damn fool.

Wankers: Victoria Police tell citizens not to fight back against African gangs

One thought on “Riots in Paris, Londonistan & elsewhere…”

  1. The only job of government (politicians, police, courts) is to defend citizens from disasters both natural and man-made (aka crimes) so for politicians to tell cops to ‘stand down’ (to stop defending innocent citizens, enabling crimes) is a crime.

    Arrest the political authorities and all the cops who obey any of these illegal criminal “stand down!” orders!

    Any cops who follow orders to “stand down!” when witnessing crimes, AND OBEY THEM, are thereby them selves guilty of gross criminal negligence and dereliction of duty; so they have in fact abdicated their positions and rights to their “authority” (lack of responsibility for their actions) and as such have chosen to enable crime and by doing so have become a part of the problem. Fire and then JAIL them.

    Because if and when the cops’ boss says “Ignore attempted murders! Don’t enforce the law!” … and the cops choose to obey them to save their own paychecks powers perks and pensions, then whose fault is it, really?

    Do cops take oaths to enforce the laws on the books only when their bosses OK it first – or do they swear oaths to enforce all the laws fairly and equitably?

    If and when they choose to obey those (technically, illegal) orders to ignore crimes, they are then willfully enabling those crimes, covering up for the criminals (as accessories after-the-fact) and often destroying evidence. All of these acts go beyond mere negligence and as acts of criminal negligence, are crimes in themselves. They all take oaths to serve and protect the people who pay them, not to serve their political masters to protect their own pensions. So when they continue to take their pay, but refuse to protect and serve the people who employ them (the public) they have chosen to become criminal frauds as well.

    “I vas chust following orders!” didn’t work as an excuse for the Nazis at their Nuremberg trials; so why should it work for these Legally Entitled Oppressors (“LEO”s) now?!

    Cops who CHOOSE to obey illegal orders to “stand down!” while crimes are being committed right in front of them, are complicit enabling accessories!

    And in reality, also don’t forget that “the government” itself works FOR the people, to supplement their defense. And that includes the judiciary branch, as well. So when the judiciary refuses to defend the people, then it’s up to the people to try convict and punish those criminals who have become above the law (for example, the Obamas, Clintons etc) themselves!

    “The safety of the People Shall be the highest law.”
    — Cicero, The Laws. –

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