Stop it! My head hurts!

What we see here are not sane people. This is collective insanity. This cannot end well.

Who says the schools aren’t brainwashing kids?

Future Greens Senators.  Unemployable.

Misguided and ignorant, once their neighbourhoods are burning they might think differently.

Ilhan Omar: It's Time to Disband the Minneapolis Police Department

Ilhan Omar: It’s Time to Disband the Minneapolis Police Department

What these two want is a sharia police, a Saudi style ‘Muttawa’. Only when the sharia is enforced on everyone & the Islamic state established, will they be satisfied.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Friday called for the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to be disbanded and for the city to “reimagine” public safety after local protests over the death of resident George Floyd descended into riots and looting.

“The Minneapolis Police Department has proven themselves beyond reform,” Omar wrote on social media. “It’s time to disband them and reimagine public safety in Minneapolis.”

But wait, there’s more:

U. of Washington Community Demands Easy Grading for Black Students

That’s right. N*ggas can’t cope.  Doctor titles for all! Why waste time studying when you can burn shit down & loot Nike stores?

Students at the University of Washington are demanding a relaxed grading policy to help black students “cope emotionally” with the ongoing protests and riots that have erupted in major cities around the nation after George Floyd died during an arrest on May 26 in Minneapolis. According to a student petition with 50,000 signatures, “If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it.”


3 thoughts on “Stop it! My head hurts!”

  1. Funny how all the symptoms of Biblical “SIN” and secular “MENTAL ILLNESS” are the exact same as all-too common HYPOCRISY. It’s *almost* like we don’t really need to hire and pay “expert Authorities” to do our thinking for us or to tell us how to think after all, innit?

    Criminal hypocrites (and all criminals are hypocrites, just as all hypocrites are criminals) always appear “libtarded” simply because their chosen subjective double standards will never square up with objective empirical reason logic facts rationality and truth.

    Because hypocrites’ hypocrisy isn’t logically consistent, they must use emotion to counter facts – and that means that, despite all the facts to the contrary, they embrace the double standards where they are always the righteously heroic victims, entitled to only pity, while everyone who disagrees with that lie must be their wrongful oppressors, entitled to only anger for their lack of pity.

    But, while hypocrisy isn’t limited to any one “race” or breed of human – some breeds are A LOT “better” at it than others. Just sayin’!

    By the hypocrites’ corrupt double-standards and fear-focused “logic,” if something can go wrong, so it will go wrong, and in fact already is going wrong – so they have to stop it first!

    So, since Whites are obviously mentally superior to blacks, and they can “oppress” (confuse) them, therefore they not only always will, but they already are! So every time a black fails at anything, it must be because a white racist made them fail! So all whites must always pay for all black failures!

    Ditto for how since all males (especially the straight white ones) could “oppress” (confuse) the implicitly mentally inferior women and gays, so they will and in fact already always are – therefore straight white males must pay for every time a women, gay, &/or lesbian fails at anything.

    And the fantasy lies reach into the past, too: Could a Muslim (or any other regional minority at any given previous time) have been deliberately excluded from the history books for their alleged contributions to any and all past events? Sure they could, so they were! They must have been!

    Therefore whitey must revise all of his own history to include those who had absolutely nothing to do with it, because they really did and he just erased them from history! Ditto for how whitey stole all those inventions the blacks made back in Africa, when the Wakandans invented the TV, moon-rockets, and computers. Since they could have invented them, but then (again, due to the implied fact that whitey alone is supremely intelligent) whitey stole them, that must be what really happened, too!

    And the bizarre lies and anti straight White male slanders and extortive demands for reparations and restorative justice for social injustices that never happened just go on and on and keep increasing all the time until ultimately whitey is enslaved by his own deliberately misguided sense of pity for those he rightly sees as mentally weaker than he is!

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