So far, the mob is winning

Canuckistan: Students Chant ‘Jews Are Our Dogs’

That would be Moslem students, of course. These people suck the hatred in with the mother’s milk.

Germany: Four Muslims attack Munich’s chief rabbi

These incidents are bound to increase, as the numbers of invading Mohammedans increase.

Iran Executes Man for Drinking Alcohol 6 Times

Can’t a fella have a dwink?

BBC enthuses about how Islam “moderated” slavery and “treated slaves as human beings”

Al BeBeeCeera is totally compromised.

NYT Op-ed Calling for End of Israel

Liberal writer Deranged crap-chook Peter Beinart’s latest oped published in the New York Times Wednesday has sparked outrage among U.S. Jewish leaders for calling for the end of Israel.

The opinion article, entitled “I No Longer Believe in a Jewish State,” calls for Israel to be replaced with a binational, unitary state called “Israel-Palestine.”

Rifle Seized from St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home with Guns

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  1. And how many of these German Jews would never ever vote for AFD? Way too many.

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