OMG! The Virus came & stole the warming racket!


Poor Greta Thunberg. What does this goddess of global warming do when the world starts worrying about the coronavirus instead?

These are dark days for warming alarmists.

The Harris Poll reports Americans have gone from last December saying global warming was society’s number one challenge, to now putting it second last of 12 options.

And in Stockholm, Thunberg sounds increasingly desperate, jumping on any stray news that might once have fooled the foolish into climate panic.

Last Friday, for instance, on the day Tasmania recorded its coldest temperature in history, Thunberg tweeted instead about the “exceptional rainfall” in Mumbai — the heaviest rain in that Indian city in 47 years.

Not to worry, we have our own Greta downunder:

Great Barrier Reef MP Warren Entsch urges climate spending

Graham Lloyd The Australian August 13, 2020

Great Barrier Reef special envoy Warren Entsch has urged the federal government to make climate­ change spending a major part of its post-COVID-19 ­eco­nomic recovery plan. In his six-month report to Envir­onment Minister Sussan Ley, the north Queensland MP sounded the alarm about future reef health and joined a global push by green groups to keep climate change action high See more

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This old geezer promoted homo marriage & now pushes the climate racket.
What a waste of space!
This guy is the ultimate shyster. He’s got a long career of non-achievements. All he was ever good for was pushing homo ‘marrriage’. And now he runs with the climate scam. Useless as tits on a bull.
Here’s what an informed reader from Cairns has to say about him:

It is about time this bag of wind gets the “COKE AND SARSE”-.On the cyclone insurance stratospheric premiums levied on those domiciled in north Queensland sometime ago this pompous laggard warren A.K.A ‘STENCH’in cairns along with the other green progressive bag of wind the former green wet liberal progressive from HERBERT..Ewen jones..were invited to do something about the punitive cyclone insurance premiums killing people unlucky enough to be living north of the tropic of capricorn.The Abbott/Credlin duumvirate set up the northern cyclone insurance regional task force bankrolling it to brain storm a vital solution’-‘pffftttt.People in body corporates were paying up to 6 times as much p.a.for cyclone insurance coverage for ordinary units than someone south of NOOSA.

NEEDLESS to say this entitled buffoon warren “stench” aka entsch came up with no bloody solutions for this inequitable diabolical punitive cyclone insurance premiums for average joe and mary citizen in his electorate or north Queensland.
Despite 3 letters to the Townsville bulletin MM launched by myself and others submitted and 2 urgent email representations by me to this progressive imbecile warren Entsch..I am still awaiting an answer.This is what we expect from the 2 big political battleships of team teal green liberals&TEAM RED=GREEN WOKE A.L.P.

This buffoon threw the kitchen sink at tony Abbott if memory serves me correctly over the SSM urgent bill debate.And as TURNBULL and everyone in the parliament rejoiced over the SSM bill being passed,there on the front page of the courier mail next day was N.QLD’S Leichardt’s Roly poly buffoon Wet teal green liberal M.P.Warren Entsch hugging the independent(not so independent really)green imbecile for Indi..Cathy mcGowan and high fiving on the floor of parliament every other progressive/bourgeois leftard.GET RID OF this prevaricating,posturing,pulchritudinous,ponce;Warren the stench Entsch.Stand an independent or anyone really is preferable to this charlatan!.

One thought on “OMG! The Virus came & stole the warming racket!”

  1. i.e: “SINCE people could get sick and infect others, SO they will and already are! So we have to pre-emptively, defensively attack everyone else first by forcing you all to prove the victim-blaming slanderous negative, false assertion and accusation:

    “Prove you AREN’T sick, or be locked up, gagged and muzzled by being locked-down and masked!”

    In the not-so-distant past, we all joked about how the definition of “Liberal Heaven” was prison – where everyone got equal treatment, entitled to the exact same free food clothing and shelter, where everyone had to obey the rules, and only the government had any guns.

    But now, with this permanent global lockdown in place, it’s not so funny any more, because, just as how that other joke, about how the citizens tried to replace the government, while the government also plotted to replace the citizens with more submissive ones – as it turns out, both jokes are on us!

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