People who said “Trump will destroy America” are the ones burning the nation to the ground

Fanatics who believe that Jews, Christians and Israel do not even have the right to exist … who do not open their eyes to see that the events and people of 1300 – 1400 years ago are different from those of today, and whose ears are tightly shut to other people’s stories.
Palestinian leaders: Jews cannot pray in synagogues in Arab countries
Palestinian leaders: Jews cannot pray in synagogues in Arab countries

Antifa meets its match, Squad Rat calls for “Unrest in the Streets”


Antifa Goes to Sturgis

Antifa Goes to Sturgis

Earlier today, a handful of Antifa goofs decided to take their anti-American shtick to the annual biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. If this sounds like a bad idea to you, you are right.

Actually, the bikers were commendably well-behaved. Sturgis is a fun, feel-good event, and it would take more than a few fascists to put the bikers in a seriously bad mood. Still, a scuffle broke out at one point. Police officers protected the Antifas and escorted them away safely. (It isn’t you, there is no sound with this video.)

Of course, the Antifas were counting on law enforcement to protect them. Some might find this ironic.

This Facebook video apparently predates the scuffle. It shows the ragtag band of fascists standing in the street, with police officers vigilantly protecting them from harm.

Actually, I think there are a lot of places from which Antifa would be well advised to stay away. Sturgis is no doubt more typical of America than Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis.