Riots USA: pro-Trump caravan “terrorized” Portland…

Alternative reality:

Multnomah Co. chair

blames the killing of the Trump supporter on white supremacy, the pro-Trump rally & the president in a statement. She says the pro-Trump caravan “terrorized” Portland & makes no mention of antifa/BLM initiating violence.


Trucks for Trump

A mood shift is noted in the US, where spirits appear to have lifted following the Republican National Convention.

Reader challenge – view this no more than five times:

Street fairs across the country have been banned.

But Antifa riots are perfectly okay:

Two foreign nationals arrested in #BendOregon have a history of violent criminal behavior. That didn’t matter to the mob, who prevented the lawful arrest and caused a standoff for 12 hours.

2 thoughts on “Riots USA: pro-Trump caravan “terrorized” Portland…”

  1. Everyone’s a racist (and a “White Supremacist,” too). “Racism” is only one’s own brain’s pattern-detecting abilities, plus one’s right to freely associate (or not) with others one finds compatible (or not). Without “racism,” no “races” could exist. And everyone’s a White supremacist because it doesn’t take a genius to notice that Whites ARE supreme, in that we invented everything and created both history and civilization. So the Democrats are the worst racial deniers around, and their psychotic insistence that our inherent “racism” is the worst of things, and their efforts to stop everyone else from using their own brains to detect patterns, and to exercise our free association rights, is only another attempt to enslave everyone using guilt-tripping mind-control techniques. Racism is perfectly natural; preventing it is SLAVERY. So they use that trope to gain power over all other people.

    The corruptive circular “reason” behind modern communism’s perpetual BLM victimology is that certain (i.e: ALL non-White) “marginalized and racialized minority victim groups” are entitled to equality-of-outcome reparations for having been denied an equality of opportunity in the past – and always by evil White racists, of course. But this ignores that Whites alone invented and built up Civilization over time, and so any and all newcomers have no believable right to retroactively pretend that process stole any of their own ancestors’ untaken opportunities from them. When Blacks in Africa were enslaved by their own relatives and sold to Arab Muslims who then sold them to Whitey, they weren’t being deprived of some right to an equality of opportunity on par with Whites that anyone had ever otherwise promised to them back In Africa. And yet by being enslaved and working hard, when freed – again, by Whitey alone, and only here in the West – they gained that very opportunity while their relatives back in Africa never improved them selves. And in South Africa, they weren’t ever even enslaved, but only offered opportunities beyond their ability.

  2. I did some research on the Chairman and wow, talk about koolaid drinker. Everything is caused by whitey per the Chairman. Portland has a small black population and has endless programs to help blacks. Not enough! Whiteys need to cut their wrists, and the Chairman would say ‘cut your throat!’.

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