48 of 50 Country’s Largest Cities Hit By BLM Riots


Libturds. Shiite for brains.

“The ugly truth about Marxist capitalism-smashing hipsters is that they are the least exposed to the consequences of their theories.”

PORTLAND, OR - AUGUST 23: A protester holds his fist in the air during a protest against racial injustice and police brutality early in the morning on August 23, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Hundreds of protesters clashed with police Saturday night following a rally in east Portland. (Photo by Nathan …

New data from Princeton University shows that riots associated with the Black Lives Matter movement took place in 48 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States.

WashPoo Report Rubbish: finds that 93% of Black Lives Matter protests in the US were peaceful

Insufferable rubbish from the drecks media. Guardian scribblers don’t give a shiite about thousands of businesses destroyed & burned to the ground. They never did an honest day’s work & never will.

The vast majority of the thousands of Black Lives Matter protests this summer have been peaceful, with more than 93% involving no serious harm to people or damage to property, according to a new report tracking political violence in the United States.

But the US government has taken a “heavy-handed approach” to the demonstrations, with authorities using force “more often than not” when they are present, the report found.

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  1. Let me see if I get this straight. None of the following is considered racist. United Negro College Fund, Affirmative Action, Council of Arab Islamic Relations(CAIR), La Raza(The Nation), The programs instituted by former POTUS Johnson (Great new society), Academic wokeness(political correctness, diversity, multi-culturism), and of course, BLM/Antifa. To those who have a stitch of common sense, I’ll let you decide.

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