BLM is a Terrorist Organization


Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation to advance political goals. That means that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. There have been about 550 riots associated with BLM over the summer; riots are by definition violent, and BLM’s political objectives are openly stated (abolish police and prisons, cash payments based on race, etc).

It would be hard to imagine political violence — i.e., terrorism — more explicit than this:

The Michigan Republican Party headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, was reportedly vandalized Sunday night with graffiti saying “f[***] ICE, f[***] police, f[***] you,” the political party announced Monday. …

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox is a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, according to the state party’s website.

As Cox observes,

“This vandalism is emblematic of the chaos sweeping through our nation’s Democrat-run cities, as the radical left uses criminal tactics to try and extort weak politicians into defunding the men and woman who keep us safe.”

She might have said, “emblematic of the terrorism.” Speech liberals don’t like is not really violence, but the destruction of property is.

So is the body count that has been run up during “mostly peaceful” BLM protests.

Sometimes the intimidation stops short of violence. For example, Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) was almost prevented from speaking:

Loeffler said her Republican supporters “stood up” to Black Lives Matter protesters who disrupted a campaign event. …

“Black Lives Matter rioters came in and they were protesting and trying to break it up, but we didn’t stop because, look, this is one thing that our country is built on.”

While the disruptors shouted and police refused to intervene because it was in a public park building, Loeffler’s supporters shouted her name and chanted “USA” in response.

Loeffler is especially unpopular with BLM for having introduced the “Holding Rioters Accountable Act” along with Tom Cotton (R-AR).

If the lawlessness continues to spiral out of control, Senators will be in physical danger. Rand Paul could tell you all about it.