It’s scary to be white in today’s America

George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl. Why are people still rioting?

Biden Again Suggests Trump Causing Violence

Quid Pro Joe goes low.

Donald Trump: Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Was in Big Trouble’ When Rioters Attacked Him

He was indeed. But he was a good shot & he made use of his constitutional rights.

St. Louis Police Officer Dies After Being Shot in the Head

MSNBC’s Reid: Trump Supporters Have Guns, Black Lives Matter Kids Have Skateboards

2 thoughts on “It’s scary to be white in today’s America”

  1. Re: “MSNBC’s Reid: Trump Supporters Have Guns, Black Lives Matter Kids Have Skateboards:”

    i.e: “You have no right to defend yourself with lethal force from getting bashed in the head with a large and heavy wooden skateboard, but only the responsibility to put down your gun and accept it! No more bringing a gun to a skateboard fight, you nasty White racists! If Pantifags bring skateboards to a gun fight, then you must disarm yourselves, and that includes if and when they choose to bring skateboards AND guns, too, you hateful racist bigot Trumpers! Got it? Them’s our rules, and you must obey them!!! Just accept that you can’t win!”

  2. Note to BLM/Antifa: This patriot hopes and prays to GOD that I’m never in a position to have to use deadly force. If all other options are gone and I have no alternative, just remember those immortal words of dirty harry: ” Do you feel lucky, well, do you punk?”.

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