Mohammedans, victims of their own crimes

Italy has been overwhelmed by a flood of illegal migrants from Africa. In early August, a reported 11,000 migrants arrived in Italy in a single week. Over 130 of them tested positive for coronavirus. In mid-August, Muslim migrants revolted aboard a coronavirus quarantine ship because they thought they were being returned home.

CAIR: Muslims Are the Real Victims of 9/11

Mohammedans are always the victims of their own crimes.

Hamas glorifies jihad suicide bombings, promises imprisoned jihadis will get ‘reward’ from Allah

Mohammedanism is the religion where you can’t lose. If you lose your life in jihad, you are rewarded with 72 virgins. Don’t bother telling me it isn’t so, becaue that’s what the believers believe.

Greece: Arson by migrants suspected in fire that destroyed Europe’s largest Muslim migrant camp

Now they’re being rewarded by Merkel & other destroyers of European culture & civilisation with housing, food, money, free healthcare & language classes. To what we owe the savages!

Greece: Media publish photos claiming to show Turkish security services helping migrants cross into country

Greece bolstering its military amid Turkey’s ‘provocative statements’ and ‘near-daily’ threats of war

This coming war is one that #Trump might not be able to avoid. Turks out of NATO, immediately!

Spooky Dude, Destroyer of Our World

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Arson is not “climate change”

And  Nancy Pelosi is not  “Mother Earth”