Sweden: ‘Why did they bring us here, the stray dogs, if they do not want Islam?’

Nobody in his right mind ‘brought them there’- the Mohammedans in Europe came of their own accord. Besides, al hijra, immigration in the way of allah, settlement behind enemy lines in the Dar ul harb, the land of war, is a most meritorious act  in the Mohammedan tradition, because it provides an ‘opening’ for infidel lands to become Islamic.

Sweden: Rioting Muslima screams ‘Why did they bring us here, the stray dogs, if they do not want Islam?’

But remember: it’s “racist” and “Islamophobic” to think that the mass Muslim migration into Europe has anything to do with jihad or Sharia.

“The rampaging Muslims in Malmö: ‘Why did they bring us here, the stray dogs, if they do not want Islam?,’” translated from “Kravallande muslimerna i Malmö: ‘Varför tog de hit oss, fähundarna, om de inte vill ha islam?,’” Fria Tider, September 2, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Domestic. “If they do not want Islam, why did they bring us here, the stray dogs?” This was one of the Arabic messages from an elderly woman in a head scarf who was acting in connection with the riots in Malmö last Friday. Now the woman defends herself on SVT.

– How can the police allow them to kick the Koran? These are the feelings of Muslims. We also have feelings, says “Laila” to SVT Nyheter Skåne.

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Jews, Remember Khaybar!

Long-time (or Islam-savvy) readers will remember the infamous Muslim chant: Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad qadimun. These words celebrate the mass slaughter of Jews at Khaybar by the prophet Mohammed. Chanting them is a favorite pastime of Hizb ut-Tahrir, among other Islamic zealots.

The Khaybar chant was featured again recently in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Expressen:

Jew-hatred during rioting in Malmö: “Want to kill Jews”

September 1, 2020



The woman was seen to have a leading role among the Muslims who on Friday night started violent riots in Malmö as a reaction to the fact that a Koran had been burned in the city.

According to a video from the incident, “Laila” shouted, among other things, that the police were “dogs” and “pigs” and that they had “conspired” with the people who violated the Koran.

– If you do not want Islam, why did you bring us here, you stray dogs? she also shouted, according to Samhällsnytt.

SVT Nyheter Skåne has now been in contact with the woman, whom the tax-financed TV giant anonymises and calls “Laila”.

She states that she did not urge anyone to attack the police and that she is “completely opposed to the young people destroying things”.

The woman also says she regrets going there.

– I could just as easily have stayed at home and shown my anger, she tells SVT.

Jews, remember Khaybar!

Unverified videos have circulated on social media since Friday, and now Kvällsposten can confirm that hate against Jews occurred in connection with the riot.

One young man became upset and said, “This isn’t my demonstration any longer, now they want to kill Jews,” says Victor Pressfeldt, who himself was a witness to the anti-Semitic aspects.

In the videos a small crowd can be seen with clenched fists screaming in Arabic, “Jews, remember Khaybar, Mohammad’s armies are returning.”

According to the Jewish Central Council, the meaning cannot be interpreted other than a call for the “murder and cleansing of Jews,” as Khaybar was a place where Jews were murdered by the Prophet Mohammad and his followers in the year 628 AD.

According to persons who were at the scene in Rosengård on Friday evening, the Jewish Central Council seems to be justified in its interpretation.

The freelance journalist Victor Pressfeldt was on the scene and followed the events during the entire afternoon into the night going into Saturday, and he confirms that he heard the anti-Semitic rhyme being chanted during the evening.

“Yes, I heard it on at least a couple of occasions. There was a guy who translated it for me from Arabic, and he himself was very upset over what was being shouted.” He said, “Now it isn’t my demonstration any longer — now they want to kill Jews.” I thought it was creepy.

“Islamists and ISIS— followers seemed to be moving among the demonstrators”

According to Victor Pressfeldt, there were several in the area who reacted to the anti-Semitism, but also to the views of the religious extremists in the crowd.

“There were several I talked to who were upset that Islamists and ISIS-followers seemed to be moving among the demonstrators. So I would say that there were internal tensions both among those who took part in the demonstrations and those who took part in the riot.”

Police are aware of the videos that are circulating, and are now investigating the matter as a suspected hate crime.

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