Corona immunity is here already. We could open up the country tomorrow!

The Japanese and Vietnamese governments are expected to reach an agreement to allow businesspeople to travel back-and-forth between the two countries again.

If you are still a HCQ skeptic, listen to Dr Brian Tyson, he’s on the frontline and treated 1700 covid patients.
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A strange thing is happening in Europe with this virus. People just aren’t dying like they used to.

And new research suggests one reason: many of us may already have some immunity. But good news is unwelcome in this panic.

So the ABC on Wednesday again peddled virus porn about the second wave of infections now hitting Europe.

Mask Fanatics Have Officially Abandoned Science to Control Your Life - Frontpagemag

Mask Fanatics Have Officially Abandoned Science to Control Your Life 


It’s nothing new for political religions to produce radicals that develop their own sects or cults. This time around, rigid devotion to enforcing mask compliance has produced runaway fanaticism based on nothing but blind faith that more mask-wearing is always better. Even the public health experts, whom these followers all promoted as great prophets just months ago, can’t tame their fervor.

That’s a problem, because a return to normalcy will require subduing radical factions that agitate for oppression. Restrictions such as mask mandates are like oxygen to followers of radical fundamentalist Covidianism — the abiding belief that only lockdowns, social distancing, and masks can deliver us from the deadly pandemic. The longer mandates stay in place and experts continue promoting mask use — “My mask protects you! Your mask protects me!” — the stronger and more widespread the extremism will grow, and the less influence experts will have over their behavior.


The evidence is abundant, but consider these three cases of radical Covidianism and how they trace back to an abandonment of the scientific standards necessary to maintain public health and a functioning society.

1. Ignore the Dangers of Masking While Exercising

First, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order last week requiring all nonprofessional sports players to wear masks. Athletes, except for swimmers, must wear masks while “training for, practicing for, or competing in an organized sport” if they cannot “consistently maintain 6 feet of distance.” There are no age-specific exceptions in the requirement, so it appears Whitmer’s mask mandate for children five years old and over applies.

Not only does this order contradict guidance from so-called experts, who say that people exercising should not wear masks because sweat can clog the mask fibers and make breathing difficult as well as “promote the growth of microorganisms,” but it overwrites Whitmer’s own order specifying that masks do not have to be worn during exercise “when wearing a face covering would interfere with the activity.”

How football, basketball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, and other sports that aren’t golf or bowling don’t qualify as exercise that a mask “would interfere with” is beyond rationality. The science of sweat droplets clogging up mask fibers doesn’t change if a person is exercising by himself or in a competitive setting, yet one can see in these orders the progression away from science and toward the fanatical desire to control people’s behavior, regardless of the danger. While Whitmer says masks allow sports to resume, her requirement will likely mean exactly the opposite, as playing creates a health risk instead of a health benefit.

2. Mask the Babies

Second, a WestJet flight was canceled last week because a 19-month-old could not keep her mask on, despite the fact that infants and toddlers simply aren’t spreading the virus. The father, Safwan Choudhry, called it “horrific and dehumanizing treatment.” You can see what appear to be WestJet crew members harassing the poor family here:

Earlier today my family endure the most horrific & dehumanizing treatment onboard @WestJet plane. My wife was threatening to be arrested & forcibly removed unless my daughters, 3 yrs & 19 months would wear a mask. While my 3yrs wore her mask, the 19 months old was hysterical.

— Safwan Choudhry (@SafwanChoudhry) September 9, 2020

Transport Canada’s official guidance for travelers says explicitly, “The following people should not wear a mask … children under 2 years old.” Yet WestJest crew members, according to Choudhry, wrongly cited the guidance as requiring his infant to wear a mask. Official rules are apparently no hindrance to the mask crusaders, who will defend their universal masking standard to the point of canceling a flight.

3. Wear a Mask When You’re Alone

Not to be outdone in anti-science zeal for total conformity, however, the third example is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which has asked agency employees to wear masks while teleconferencing from home. Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole said in a July 31 email that in order to set a “safety example” showing that employees “care about the safety and health of others,” they should wear a mask while participating in virtual meetings “that involve being seen.”

The medical director of infection control at UW Health, Nasia Safdar, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that beyond protecting oneself from somebody else in the house with COVID-19, “there’s no reason to routinely wear a mask in your home if the risk isn’t there.”

This is what happens, however, when scientific standards are abandoned for political goalsonly loosely tied to public health: Pseudo-scientific fanaticism develops, and its followers are obsessed with gaining compliance, not saving lives. One can draw a straight line from the initial departure from scientific evidence on lockdowns to the current coronavirus extremism, which only increases in intensity as deaths and hospitalizations decline.

Mask Fanatics Are the Real Science Deniers

Lockdowns were once called an “unproven” hypothesis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, its models of efficacy being invalidated by “empirical data.” The World Health Organization called forced isolation and quarantine “ineffective and impractical.” Yet despite the devastating effects of banning “nonessential” businesses and social activities, countries around the world locked down.

Groupthink on non-pharmaceutical interventions spurred an uncontrolled drift away from scientific justifications toward hasty generalized rules predicated on an “abundance of caution” and straight-up fear. Fear quickly turned into a tool for maintaining political power and an opportunity for self-righteous snitches to exercise control over their fellow countrymen. Snitch-level devotion to harsh government mandates devolved into a religion in its own right, and now we must suffer oppression not just from authorities, but from private companies and our fellow citizens.

One can draw numerous examples of Covidian jihad from any given week of these hellish past six months, but the progression is obvious. In April, a father was arrested for playing softball with his family in an open field in compliance with state orders. In July, a woman was berated by a fanatical old lady at the superstore for not masking her children, who are a risk approaching zero for spreading the virus.

Now heading into fall, some people are being asked to wear masks alone in their own homes, out in open parks, and while exercising. They’re supposed to strap them onto infants and toddlers, who are essentially at zero risk for spreading the Wuhan virus, and they aren’t ever supposed to complain about dental problems, headaches, or dizziness while mask-wearing — because every good COVID Karen knows masks are harmless.

This is our world in 2020. Ironically, not even the experts can keep pro-lockdown, pro-mask fanatics from harassing and endangering others. If you want to prevent this reality from becoming permanent, stand up to the bullies and stand firm on the science — including voting out politicians who’ve abandoned science and recalling those who aren’t up for re-election in November.

Georgi is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist, host of The 180 Cast, and coauthor of Clocking Out Early: The Ultimate Guide to Early Retirement.


If you are still a HCQ skeptic, listen to Dr Brian Tyson, he’s on the frontline and treated 1700 covid patients.
The media loves to demonise it, but can Hydroxychloroquine save lives ?
The answer is absolutely. We’ve being doing this (treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine) since March this year, we’ve tested over 16,000 patients, we had about 1,700 positive cases that we treated. And as we went through it, we treat the people with Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc, and either Azithromycin or doxycycline depending upon their risk factors for developing cardiac arrhythmia.
We sent one patient to the hospital for four days, and we had a Zero mortality rate with over 1700 positive patients.
You treated over 1,700 people with Hydroxychloroquine and had zero deaths ?
Zero deaths.
So if everybody started using this (Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc), could we reopen the country tomorrow ?
We should be able to reopen the country even without using it. Most of the people don’t even need it. If you get sick, let’s start the treatment right away.
How are you using this when other doctors in California are afraid to.
We had really no choice, honestly. We had sick patients, whats the treatment, what’s were the alternates? The answer is there were no alternatives.
If the medical board wants to take my licence for using a proven drug that works, then I’m sure that a lawyer out there will be prepared to defend me. But I’m not going to let my patients die over politics, I’m just not going to allow that.
People say we should wait for a vaccine ….. what are your thoughts on waiting for a vaccine for a coronavirus ?
We don’t need a vaccine, we don’t need a vaccine. If you look at the populations, if you have a 99.7% chance of survival, what do you need a vaccine for ?
So in your experience as a doctor is this lockdown more harmful to the public health than the coronavirus ?
Absolutely, absolutely. It was supposed to be 2 weeks slow the curve, it turned into a 6 months complete lockdown But there is no science base behind that.
No one can live in lockdown forever. That’s not healthy for anyone….
We want the ability to choose for ourselves, to have a right to try medication if we (doctors & patients) feel it’s useful. Listen to the doctors on the frontline who are making these decisions who are treating these patients, and saying ‘hey this works’, then let’s use it. Not the opposite, of those not on the frontline telling us what we should be doing.