Fraudci: “maybe next autumn…”

Dr. Anthony Fauci told PODCAST-19 this week that the U.S. will reach “very close to a degree of normality” next fall, but only if an “overwhelming majority” of the population is vaccinated.

Cost–Benefit Analysis of COVID-19 Tyranny


The authoritarian lockdowns presumably have saved some lives from the ChiCom virus. Overall, they cost lives. Antony Davies, Professor of Economics at Duquesne University, does a cost–benefit analysis of COVID-19 tyranny. The costs massively outweigh the benefits:

The full health impacts of the $trillions wasted have not yet unfolded and would be impossible to quantitate.

We would have been better off if there had been no coronavirus restrictions. But for Big Government, coercion is its own reward.

Joshua interviews #SteveBannon, former White House Chief Strategist and host of War Room: Pandemic, about the presidential #elections and #China ‘s influence in the United States.

‘I’m Thrown Off The Network’: Rudy Giuliani Says He Can’t Go On Failing Fox News Anymore

“…it’s been the strangest experience of my life. It’s like I’ve been living in the Iron Curtain. I’m living in a country with the kind of censorship that I remember as a young child in East Germany, the Soviet Union. I can’t get on — I can’t get on ABC, NBC, CBS, can’t even get on Fox anymore. If I say the word ‘fraud,’ I’m thrown off the network. I’m sorry, there was fraud. I’m telling the truth and they’re lying….”

Saint Fraudci, Patron Saint of the Wuhan Flu