The deep state Trump sought to overcome has conspired to defeat him

Wayne Dupree: The revenge of the Establishment is complete – the deep state Trump sought to overcome has conspired to defeat him

Face it, the notion of a government by the people for the people no longer exists. We are just taxpaying serfs to the political class.

Wayne Dupree: The revenge of the Establishment is complete – the deep state Trump sought to overcome has conspired to defeat him
U.S. President Donald Trump departs on travel to West Point, New York from the South Lawn at the White House in Washington, U.S., December 12, 2020 
In the end, the President who valiantly tried to take on the Washington elite, one man against many, has been crushed by them. We, the American people, now need to finish the task he started.

​It now seems increasingly likely that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have gotten away with the “f-word” and will be sworn in to the White House on January 20.

​At every level, the courts have deemed the overwhelming evidence of electoral fraud as insufficient to even justify a full hearing, let alone the enforcement of the law. The administration of justice in America increasingly resembles that of the Third World, where political and ethnic affiliations determine outcomes.

Even I, almost inured to our nation’s decline, have been shocked by the blatant evidence of cheating and the inaction of the justice system in the face of such criminality. Factor in the media constantly pushing an almost 100 percent negative slant against Trump at every turn, and where does that leave you?

​It leaves you with the sickening knowledge that the establishment – the deep swamp that is the Washington machine – has won. Again. It has triumphed over Trump. And trampled all over us. Again.


President Trump entered the political arena as an outsider, determined to end this dodgy racket. Many of his friends and supporters who knew him from his life successes believed he had the charisma, skills and determination to get this job done. 

Unfortunately, being an outsider limited his political abilities, and his options to gather individuals around him whom he could trust. It was soon clear Trump was not fighting just against Democrat opponents, but many members of his own party too – the ones who were also signed up members of the Washington elite, and who, like their blue counterparts, opposed his plans to end their cozy setup.

Many of the politicians and officials who served in Trump’s White House or administration didn’t share his views. Things would have been a lot different if they had. President Trump was one man fighting against 10,000 enemies. I might hurt some people’s feelings by saying this, but, while well meaning toward the country and understanding of what we needed, he was unable to protect himself from the evil that is the establishment. 

It conspired to defeat him by any means possible, as the election interference has demonstrated. Can this cheating yet be fixed? The jury is still out, but it’s not looking good.

​Even if Trump somehow manages to pull off the election, which is a long shot, he will be faced with the impossible task of governing, because so many have turned their backs on him from the Republican side – namely, all the establishment figures. Not just the likes of turncoats such as George W. Bush, Colin Powell and Mitt Romney, who prominently said they were backing Biden, but others too. Do you think Mitch McConnell, who’s congratulated Biden on his ‘win’, is sad that Trump ‘lost’, or privately happy?

​The US system’s other great fault is that we have 50 different states making different rules and enforcing them in different ways, and voting that is overseen by more than 3,000 different counties, each with their own procedures. It’s a fraudster’s wet dream. That could be easily corrected, except that the legislators charged with fixing it benefit from it.

​​This particular saga is apparently now over. But if 50 percent of the country refuses to believe that, then the US government’s lack of legitimacy will be clear for everyone to see.

Those waiting for the conservative-dominated Supreme Court to ride to the rescue have been left disappointed. ​I have always made it my philosophy to ignore Supreme Court politics ever since David Souter’s appointment in 1990, and his subsequent abandonment of all his principles. The Supreme Court  justices have demonstrated that there really is no need to have them in recent years. They try to function more as a legislature instead of their intended purpose, which is to decide constitutionality.

As I’ve pointed out before, even the judges appointed and defended by President Trump turned their backs on him and the vote fraud. These justices will soon have some new colleagues, with the Democrats promising to pack the court with six new progressive members. However, the so-called ‘conservative’ judges will still draw their salaries and enjoy being part of the establishment. I’m sure they will get invitations to all the right cocktail parties, and be patted on the back for abandoning Trump and the people.

We really shouldn’t be shocked. Our government, our Department of Justice, and our intelligence agency attempted a coup on a sitting President and nothing happened to anyone. Not one thing. When that failed, they put the electoral fraud job into motion, so as to achieve their victory. And they’re getting away with it. Again. The courts are just corrupt and have no intention of righting any wrongs. 

Face it, the notion of a government by the people for the people no longer exists. We are just taxpaying serfs to the political class.

The powers have shown their hand. Now it is up to us, the American people, to decide what to do next. Only a revolutionary movement can effect revolutionary change, and finally drain the swamp. 


One thought on “The deep state Trump sought to overcome has conspired to defeat him”


    Criminal hypocrites, aka psychopaths, leftists, collectivists, communists, etc want what everyone else has, and they don’t want to have to work to earn it (unless anyone really thinks that lending money is a form of “work”?!) so they demand this “equality of outcome” for them selves, but then (beyond being members of the global counterfeiter’s union) they also simply have to sell it to others in order to form extortive “totalitarian” crime-gangs to ‘totally’ control and enslave everyone else, by claiming to want that very same equality of outcome to be available for everyone else as equally-helpless fellow victims, too. And the way they pretend to justify that, is by asserting that their original right to an equality of opportunity was denied to them by evil straight White alpha males, because superficially they are obviously more evolved for competitive survival than beta-male and beta-female gays, non-Whites, and women. And that’s all there ever really is to any of it.

    So it’s only the same, ages-old communist gangster demand for equality of outcome (aka theft from industrious Makers to be given to lazy Takers). Mobs of lazy criminals want to “RESET” ownership and “BUILD BACK BETTER” with them having all the stuff others built this time.

    And all any “SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES” will measure is one’s ability to lie about it, to go along (with those criminal lies,) to get along (with the lying criminal extortionist gangsters telling them). There’s really nothing more or less to it all than that – it’s very simple; binary, even.

    Further, re: “Does anyone really thinks that lending money is a form of “work”?”

    When you only have to “reserve” a tiny (10% at most) fraction of your “reserves” (“fractional reserves” lending) then you’re ‘lending’ (selling money by renting it out on the installment plan) nine or ten times the money you don’t actually have – that’s counterfeiting! There’s no risk involved!

    Beyond that, when you relentlessly and routinely ‘lend’ to both sides in every conflict, then, when the dust clears, the losers still owe you AND the winners, the winners still owe you, and they BOTH have to take out more loans for the reconstruction efforts!

    And, beyond even all that, when they put all of their “future derivatives” into bet-“hedging” “baskets” of funds, it all evens out! So, in the end, there’s absolutely ZERO calculation involved.

    The globalist banksters print the money, and, since the world currently runs on the oil standard based on the American dollar, and most if not all corporations are indebted to them, they already literally OWN THE WORLD. But the only thing left, the real trick, is to convince the peons that, because we owe them that they own us!

    These Ponzi pyramid “finance” schemes they’ve built up – where charging “interest” (usury) always pays the userers, even if and when businesses fail, through insurance they themselves own, (whereas in real investments, both sides win and lose and the risks and rewards are shared equally) like in our pension plans, always have to have every-new inputs at the front end to remain viable or “sustainable.”

    And so, while they simultaneously destroyed the West by tricking our women into believing we were enslaving them, seducing them by “Feminism” into diluting the labor pool (thus doubling their own pools of available workers, while cutting ALL of our wages in half!) they thereby punked not only “their own” workers, but also their potential customers, into having far less disposable income to spend!

    “SO” they then had to repeat the process, by shaming us into thinking we had enslaved the rest of the world, so we owed all those poor oppressed “People of Color” the right to come here, dilute our workforces while – once again! – cutting our wages in half, doubling their workers pools, and replacing us with hordes of swarthy Muslims who literally work for food!and replacing us with hordes of swarthy Muslims who literally work for food!

    Feminism causes societal destruction when women are tricked into feeling their role is unfulfilling and to be jealous of their men, into competing with them to replace them in their own roles, and to put their careers, self-enrichment and responsibility-free orgasms before their reproductive duty – which is an imperative function, biologically, economically, and morally. They then murder their own needed offspring and future generations for present wants, but are themselves then replaced by savage outside forces, invaders who, having been exiled and separated from their own women by cultural caste, are driven from the Muslim lands to take and impregnate them for their own tribes and religions, while their betters remain at home with those multiple wives denied them, to continue to replenish their armies, having reminded their women by force of their own roles there.

    But islam is a pyramid scheme – unless everyone contributes collectively to the family by pitching in, they can’t maintain four wives and multiple children.

    But then, we pay their exiled male children their welfare jizya to enable them to continue to invade us here in exile, and they send the money back home, further draining our societies.

    Our suicidally masochistic, virtue-signaling false altruism (aka instant Submission to our fears, as advertised to us by holier-than-thou Christianity) is what forces us into literally directly funding our enemies to destroy us by our own hands.

    And economically, there is no valid reason for any of this: We don’t really need to import invasive Muslims to replace us – we can always still replace our selves in the most menial jobs, with automatons.

    In the end, the hypocrats who are currently telling us that we’ll be happiest and safest owning nothing, are the exact same people busy disenfranchising and replacing us with mental inferiors because they know they will feel safest and happiest owning EVERYTHING!

    Meanwhile, our Kids ALWAYS continue to go wrong because of leftist “teachers” telling them they’re entitled to remain kids, with only rights and no responsibilities, (and to continue to extort YAY FREE STUFF from parents) forever because they’re victims and their parents are oppressors because after all the poor kiddies never asked to be born. This is the exact same false “justification” for socialism/communism: whenever non-straight, non-White, non-males (i.e: gay Black females) fail in life, it’s never their fault, the poor little “racialized” and “victimized” dears, because some evil straight White males must have had nothing better to do with their time than to oppress them just for fun, no?

    And that’s because the school teachers are them selves all “corrupt:” they don’t want to risk their paychecks pensions perks and powers having to be seen as oppressive disciplinarians, so they bribe them selves to take the easy way out, by pretending to be the kids’ cool friends in stead of their instructors, so they over-indulge them in their victimhood fantasies by insisting it’s never their fault, giving them participation prizes, and shifting the blame for their resulting, inevitable failures onto their parents and parents’ generation of Makers, thus enabling the developmental regression of the next cycle of greedy communist Takers. Sort of “Screw you, I MEANT to do that! Nyah!” – self-fulfilling prophecies resulting in the usual “There’s No Money In Solutions” so Please Give Generously – AGAIN” extortion rackets, where the teachers’ unions demand and get ever higher pay for never solving any problems.

    You know: it’s ALL nothing more or less than the very exact same, ages-old, all-too common “HYPOCRISY” at work, as usual.

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