This will not end well

Nunes: Parler Ban a Violation of Antitrust, Civil Rights, the RICO Statute — ‘There Should Be a Racketeering Investigation’

But there won’t be. Because the DemRats are now in control of the senate & the house.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey issues statement on banning Trump

‘If folks do not agree with our rules and enforcement, they can simply go to another internet service’

That’s a dirty lie. Big Tech monopolies have to be smashed & free speech restored. Censoring the president is not on.

North Dakota Bill Would Let Censored Citizens Sue Facebook, Twitter

Lauren Boebert Calls Out Democrats for Supporting Political Violence: ‘I Call Bullcrap’

CEO says Parler may never return online


Social media platform Parler, which has gone dark after being cut off by major service providers that accused the app of failing to police violent content, may never get back online, said its CEO John Matze.

Nike Says It Will Cut Off Funding to Republicans Who Voted Against Certifying Election

Nike Says It Will Cut Off Funding to Republicans Who Voted Against Certifying Election

Big Tech terror against conservatives is supported by woke child-labour exploiters. No hypocrisy to see here, people.

Walt Disney Co. Suspends Contributions to Lawmakers Who Objected to Election Certification

Entertainment industry terror against the elected president. There have to be repercussions.

De Blasio: NYC ‘Severing All Contracts with the Trump Organization’

A communist degenerate tries to eliminate the Trump organisation.

CNN Cuomo, Lemon: BLM Riots More Justified Than Capitol Riot

Sure. Pandering to n*ggas is the woke thing to do. Or is it?

NOT calling for violence, but for peace, is a “call for violent insurrection against the United States” if you’re Trump. And Explicitly calling for violence, cheering it on and allowing that violence to go on for almost a year, is not calling for violence, if you’re democRats.
And to those who have actually attempted to equate 8 months of leftist violence Sanctioned by democrats with a few hours of violence Not sanctioned by Trump, you’re intellectually dishonest.
Initiating violence against others is evil. Cheering on and $ponsering 8 months of violence, burning, looting and Murdering is as evil as it gets. The democrat party, democrat media, and leftist-run companies who rewarded the endless riots, have blood on their hands. This is PURE projection for political ends. And if you can’t see this for what it is, then you’ve allowed your hatred to trump your brain.–Bosch Fawstin
 Leftoids will never EVER forgive the fact that a mere newcomer, not even a career politician but a businessman, achieved in 4 years what they couldn’t in 40 years. The sheer temerity of the man, going and lowering fuel prices, erasing the USA’s dependence on overseas fossil fuel, creating jobs, delivering peace… Absolute anathema to the oh-so-polished career politicians, taxpayer funded of course, who totally failed to achieve a single thing in 40 years