Tanzania: “Covid Denier” Eliminated

John Magufuli didn’t buy into the Covid scare. He wanted even less to do with the WHO & Bill Gates vaccine, which prompted Bill & Belinda Gates to pen an article in the Guardian “to rein in Tanzania’s Anti-Vaxxer President”.

Now he’s dead.

The above is a screen shot of the front-page of the extreme left Guardian. Guardianistas cannot contain their glee and call “Magufuli, a divisive figure” and a “denier”.

But here comes what killed him: He had a history of heart problems and wore a pacemaker.

No shiite. But he also had a history of pissing off Corona virus engineers like Bill & Belinda Gates, who recently called for him “to be reined in”.


John Magufuli’s cavalier disregard of Covid’s impact in the great lakes region is fuelling conspiracies and endangering lives

John Magufuli
‘John Magufuli needs to be challenged openly and directly.’ 
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What is wrong with President John Magufuli? Many people in and outside Tanzania are asking this question.

Magufuli claimed last year that God had eliminated Covid in the east African country of 60 million people, and has since made dismissing Covid vaccineshis central priority – leaving many people asking: why?

In politics, there are generally two ways of making decisions. The first is evidence-based, weighing the pros and cons and choosing the best option; the greatest good for the greatest number.