Mask up or else!

The Track & Trace app was a precursor to the Vaccine Passport, which the government are rolling out with no debate & no democratic consent.

Nothing to do with science.

Nothing we say or do is stopping their agenda. What we’re really fighting isn’t a virus, but a dictatorial regime.

In 12 months it will no longer be “left” or “right”

It will “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated”

That is how you will be identified.

Unless of course we stop now.

Mask up or else!

Joy Reid. She is that stupid. There is no cure for this:

We can only hope that this level of stupid is not contagious.

More and more people die from this dodgy vaccine:

Hehe, ya think?

Do you know anyone who spends money for an a$$hole balltosser like this?

Venezuela Used Cheap Oil to Land a Spot on the U.N. Human Rights Council

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