The Climate Racket, the Greatest Scam of All Time

China is building new coal plants at three times the rate of the rest of the world. The Paris Climate Accord doesn’t require them to lower emissions until 2030. This is a joke…

Just a reminder that in July 2019 Prince Charles gave the world 18 months to save humanity from climate change & keep global warming to ‘survivable’ levels. Time was up in January this year. Are we in the Afterlife?

Hate to say it but Chinese communism is preferable to American wokeism.

You can be ‘completely wrong’ as long as you ‘exaggerate the scare and spread more panic’

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says global warming is unique in the sciences because “you can be completely wrong but it doesn’t matter as long as you’ve exaggerated the scare and spread more panic”. “Tim Flannery has just won a medal from Scotland’s royal geographical society for his – get this – his ability to communicate complex climate science to the general public,” he said. “Who cares that Flannery was 100 per cent wrong. Dams did fill again. And who cares that he was wrong to warn Sydney was about to run out of water, and Perth would become this century’s first ghost city because of global warming. “It does not matter that he was wrong. What matters is that he was filled with the holy spirit of the global warming religion. If he was wrong, so what? It was in a sacred cause, to scare the rest of us into belief.”

The climate racket is a New Age Religion. No amount of proof, no reasoned argument, no facts can be used to bring a warming believer, a Gaia worshipper, back to reality. These people are insane.

There is ‘nothing bad’ about increasing carbon dioxide

William Happer


Emeritus Professor of Physics at Princeton University William Happer says there is “nothing bad” about increasing carbon dioxide. “The earth is getting greener, deserts are shrinking,” Mr Happer told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “None of the terrible things you hear are happening, quite the opposite is happening.”

Schools need to teach the ‘long-settled’ and ‘long-established facts of history’


NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham says schools must “just teach the facts of history” that are “long-settled and long-established”. “There’s a movement out there not to teach children the facts of education and the facts of history… to be giving children instruction on what we want history to have been,” he said.

The war against white people

This fight is unwinnable. The left controls academia and the institutions. The time for trying to do something about it was 10 years ago.

Critical Race Theory is like a much worse version of communism. While communism disincentivizes innovation, everyone is encouraged to be as good as the best person in the group. Critical Race Theory actively impairs every achiever by capping the standard to the worst performer.

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  1. Re: “The Paris Climate Accord doesn’t require them to lower emissions until 2030.”

    Pretty sure it gives both China and India carte blanche to pollute to their hearts’ content until at least 2130.

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