The Mob Rules USA

Tucker Carlson: Stabbing is a basic human right

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“Mostly peaceful protests” in NYC:

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Owens: “The media creates the mob and the mob rules”

More than 900 People Shot in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago This Year

It’s not a thing unless a white policeman shoots a black criminal.

President Trump: LeBron James’ ‘Racist Rants are Divisive, Nasty, Insulting, Demeaning’

Continued from Vlad Tepes:

Tucker starts out with the case of the police who shot a teenage girl who was about to stab another teen and would not drop her weapon.
At this point, despite Tucker’s excellent presentation of ultra-sarcasm, it needs to be stated what the real motive by those who oppose the police action, is here.

The left, and for those who do not know what left means, it is actual Marxists who do not want a fair and just system, they want the system utterly destroyed and remade into a communist state, want to end not the police, but rule of law. They want an end to private property. And yes, I know the Marxist leader of Black Lives matters, conned her contributors into funding her acquisition of multiple nice homes in White areas. This changes nothing. The idea is to destroy the police in order to end enforcement of actual rule of law, which is the goal. They obviously cannot say this. Just like communists cannot say what they really think of Jews or Blacks (Che Guevara said blacks are “indolent” among other choice phrases) So they create a phoney case against policing in order to defund and eliminate police, which means crime will skyrocket, and groups like ANTIFA can become the enforcement on a Marxist basis. Don’t believe me? Watch a BLM member explain this goal and how as a member of a US city council, he already managed to partly defund the local PD.

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  1. I’m confused – if the girl who was shot is really the one who had initially called the police to complain about others coming to her home and stabbing her family, was she not then merely in the process of defending her own property and family (albeit maybe apparently disproportionally, at the exact time the cop arrived) and did she perhaps grab a kitchen knife in response to the invaders having already arrived on her property with knives of their own, in response to some sort of pre-existing feud?! So maybe the cop interfered in a person’s “stand their ground” right to defend their own property from invaders. Just sayin’.


      1. Well, yeah – certain types have low impulse control and should perhaps be sent back to their continent of origin for the good of everyone.

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