“We live like pigs”- Conglolese “migrant” in Greece

Lefturds & activists from Soros’s Open Society Justice Initiative are going apeshit over this.

According to Interior Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek, too many non-Western foreigners in one area “increases the risk of an emergence of religious and cultural parallel societies”.

Lets go be oppressed!

In a recent meeting hosted on Facebook, Bek said: “We need to get better at spreading cultures so that not all perpetrators of violence live together and reinforce the norms they have been accustomed to.”

'We Are Suffocating': Migrants In Lesbos Camp Appeal For Help

‘We Are Suffocating’: Migrants In Lesbos Camp Appeal For Help

Who asked them to come? WTF is a “migrant?” There is no right whatsoever to ruin a country and then move to another. These people have no claim. They are not refugees & they are not entitled to asylum. They are welfare seekers.

They need to be shipped back before they even get their feet on the ground.


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  1. Re: “We live like pigs,” adds Jojo, a Congolese asylum seeker who stresses that the police only intervene to break up fights.”

    No – you live like apes.

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