COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ 

Doctors can lose their licences to practice medicine if they prescribe a medication which is safe, and proven effective for Covid19, including Prozac now, as well as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Why are fully vaxxed people so worried about the unvaxxed people if the vax works?

COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with ‘retro-engineering’ to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats, explosive new study claims

But, wait, wasn’t it a crime to say this on your own social media accounts? And wasn’t Trump facing constant attacks because he said as much?

The system is rotten to the core….

European Corona Cases Plummeting

Rand Paul: Fauci Vaccine Push ‘More About Uniformity of Submission,’ ‘Less About Science’

Rand Paul: Fauci Vaccine Push ‘More About Uniformity of Submission,’ ‘Less About Science’

Friday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) explained why he would not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Kentucky Republican senator maintained he already had the virus and therefore had immunity. He also criticized National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci for his approach to vaccinations, which does not account for those that already had the virus.

UK: Hopeless Intelligence

Intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom are reportedly working with the United States to investigate the theory that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic leaked from a laboratory.

German Govt Investigates Reports Covid Test Centres Are Scamming Taxpayers

Germany Investigates Reports Covid Test Centers Scamming Taxpayers

BERLIN (AP) – The German government is following up on media reports that coronavirus test centres across the country have overbilled authorities for the number of tests taken.

Germans are allowed one free “citizen´s test” per week to check if they are negative for coronavirus. They can use the result to be able to dine at outside restaurants, go shopping or visit cultural institutions.

Ivermectin, The Drug That Cracked COVID and Treated President Trump

From the Conservative Treehouse


Before going into a fascinating story about a drug called “Ivermectin” and a volume of research studies, successful trials and treatment for COVID-19, there is something to consider that should be forefront.

There is so much hype over the vaccines by all elements of big pharma, government and media; and there has been such widespread acceptance of the hype by millions of Americans who have taken the vaccine; it is important to consider how those invested people would react to any conversation about an inexpensive, safe and effective treatment now.

So many people have bought into the vaccine narrative, and so many people have exposed themselves to the risks of an untested, non-FDA approved experimental treatment, they simply will not be able to admit (or accept) any form of truth that runs counter to that narrative.  To admit alternative safe treatments were the better option, is to admit you have been duped and exposed yourself to risk unnecessarily.

That said there is a  remarkable, albeit long, article and story about a group of physicians who developed a COVID treatment protocol around the drug Ivermectin.  The story is long, but well worth the read.  Excerpt below:

Mountain Home Magazine – […] In addition, Kory, Marik, et. al published the first comprehensive COVID-19 prevention and early treatment protocol (which they would eventually call I-MASK). It is centered around the drug Ivermectin, which President Trump used at Walter Reed hospital, unreported by the press, though it may well have saved the president’s life while he was instead touting new big pharma drugs.

The doctors published their breakthroughs in real time on the website of their nonprofit research group, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (, so doctors anywhere in the world could find them and use them immediately. Marik, Kory, Varon, Meduri, and Iglesias became heroes of the pandemic to intensivists around the globe who used their protocols to save thousands of lives, and to practitioners at many hospitals in the U.S., including the St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey, where Dr. Eric Osgood posted the MATH+ protocol on a private Facebook group for thousands of ICU doctors after it stopped the dying in his hospital, and talked it up with his colleagues around the nation.  READ MORE


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