Russia School Terror, Nobody Heard Any Allahuakbar….

Population of Kazan is mostly Muslim Tatars.

Kazan School Shooting Kills …

Bloody attack at high school in Russian city Kazan, eyewitnesses report explosion & automatic gunfire

Footage released by Russian media outlets showed students dressed in black and white running out of the building. Another video depicted shattered windows, billowing smoke and sounds resembling gunshots in the background. Dozens of ambulances lined up at the school’s entrance after the attack and police fenced off access to the building.

Russian media said while some students were able to escape, others were trapped inside during the ordeal. All students were eventually evacuated to nearby day care centers and collected by their families.

Eleven people have been killed in a Russia school shooting

The shooting took place in Kazan, in the country’s south-west, more than 800 kiolmetres west of Moscow.
Eleven people, mostly children, have died in a shooting at a school in Russia, state media are reporting.
According to the Interfax news agency, two gunmen opened fire in the school.
One of them – a 17-year-old – has already been apprehended.
Eight children and one teacher were reportedly shot dead, while two other children are believed to have died jumping out of windows to escape the shooters.