“Shut up, don’t ask any questions & get your jab…”

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” ― Thomas Jefferson

A leading South Australian immunologist has urged Australians not to ask questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and just simply take the jab when it is offered to them. “We’re in the privileged position that we can be hesitant, we’ve done so well in coping with COVID the last 12, 14 months,” Professor John Hayball told Sky News. “But I would encourage everybody out there offered a vaccine, don’t ask any questions really, please take it.”

Wow. That is scary as all get out. Here we have some academic telling us plebs to just shut up, sit down, and do what he tells us to do – no questions asked.

Bill Muehlenberg – ‘You WILL Obey!’

The push by various governments to effectively force people to get the Rona jab is a clear violation of at least two main documents: the Nuremberg Code, and the Australian Government’s own official protocol on proper vaccination procedure.

Blind obedience and a refusal to ask questions just does not cut it any longer.

The Australian government guide clearly says: any vaccine “must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”.

That means no carrot and no stick approaches to push vaccines on unwilling folks.
Yet this is EXACTLY what the Morrison Government – and others – have been doing.

Arrest them all. I’ll volunteer for jury duty.


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