Fundamental Transformation

America is back:

NYC’s American Museum of Natural History to remove statue of Theodore Roosevelt over complaints of racism and colonialism –

#UN General Assembly overwhelmingly adopts resolution calling for an end to the US embargo against #Cuba, with 184 votes in favor.

2 against: US, Israel
3 abstentions: Colombia, Ukraine, UAE

You know the Arizona audit has uncovered something very big because Biden’s DOJ is already announcing it will interfere (illegally) even before the audit is complete.

These are the words of a tyrant, not an American President:

Homo’s calling all prayer “dangerous & harmful”

It never seems to occur to them that “bake that cake” could be ‘dangerous & harmful’, does it?

Censorship is still the leftists’ favoured choice for shutting down debate. Their heads are blown because there’ll be a dedicated free-to-air 24-hour Sky News Regional channel from August. How dare there be competition for the ABC.

Critical Race Theory may be something for latte-sipping intellectuals, but not for the grunts in the field. The U.S. military has to understand the enemy, not imaginary problems that are created by race hucksters & grievance mongers: