Infiiltration, Subversion, Woke Destruction: Top Brass in U.S. Military Pushing Marxism

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed the newfound emphasis the military is placing on race and racism with its suggested reading lists and drive for so-called equity.

The Fox News host compared that to the required reading of other nations’ militaries around the world and questioned the wisdom of the U.S. military, just as some in Congress had.

Transcript below the fold.

Carlson on U.S. Military Promotion of Critical Race Theory: ‘An Extremist Ideology, Just the Kind the Military Is Always Warning Us About’

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I think the problem here … is the centralization of power and the effort to destroy federalism in this country. And federalism is the glue that keeps the country together because people are mobile. They can move for one state to the other. If you like high taxes, lots of crime and you don’t support property rights, you can move to California or New York.

If you like liberty and low taxes and that sort of thing, you can move to Florida and Tennessee and so forth.

What’s happening is the failing states, the failing ideology, the Democrat Party is seeking to universalize and devour all those who disagree with it. You can see it in their proposals, the centralization of power, the centralization of health care, the centralization of court decisions, open borders, no matter what the states think, and this is obviously quite contrary for the constitutional construct.

I wanted to mention something — you mentioned my book, “American Marxism.” We have the chief of naval operations, his name is Admiral Michael Gilday. And he may have been a great warrior as an admiral. He needs to be fired. He won’t be fired because he’s Joe Biden’s lackey.

But this is a man who is encouraging personnel in the Navy to read one of the most racist books in modern times by this fellow by the name of Kendi. And Kendi isn’t writing about civil liberties and civil rights and real diversity or anything of the sort, people need to understand something — and I want to take a minute here, and when we do the book later in a month or so I want to take a lot of time on it.

Critical race theory is a Marxist-based ideology. It’s not even about race. It’s about destroying the existing society using race, using gender, using the climate, using immigration, whatever it is. It was developed by Marxists in Berlin, some of whom came to the United States, some of whom became tenured professors.

One in particular, he was behind the new left movement in the 1960s and he was behind this movement that’s taking off now.

Critical race theorists reject, listen, Martin Luther King. They believe if you believe in a color-blind society, you are a sellout. You’re part of the white supremacy-dominant society. They reject the 1964 and `65 Civil Rights Acts as half ways measures to cover up for white supremacy. They reject the outcomes of the Civil War. All the advances that have been made, they reject.

So when you see fools out there, fools, whether they are basketball players or professors, whether they’re politicians or the President of United States embracing this ideology, they are rejecting all the advances of the civil rights movement, of the Supreme Court decisions, all the advances in Congress. They are rejecting that which has taken place in this country and they are embracing Marxism.

Now, why am I bringing up the chief of naval operations of our Navy? Admiral Michael Gilday is promoting a book that’s written by Kendi, who is an absolute, out of the closet bigot, in my opinion.

And sue me, pal, because I’ll prove it and I’ll counter-sue you and I’ll get all the proceeds from your damn book.

Now, here’s the thing: this admiral in charge of the Navy is pushing a Marxist ideology. It you want to push a book, Admiral, push this one. That’s the enemy. You’re promoting the enemy in the United States military.

Joe Biden is promoting the enemy throughout the United States government. It is shocking what’s taking place in this country and it’s not just him. And he should be out if he doesn’t even know who the enemy is.

You have an attorney general by the name of Merrick Garland who doesn’t merit being attorney general of the United States. Thank God he didn’t wind up on the United States Supreme Court. They promoted him as a moderate, this judicial figure. He is a radical and he has radicals under him.

The Civil Rights Division is now led by a racist, antisemitic bigot based on her own writings and her own statements. He wants to double her staff so they can sue Republican legislatures, you know, because they want it to be like the Robert Kennedy era where he’s going after the segregated South. That’s what they’re trying to do.

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Here/s the Tucker transcript as follows:

CARLSON: If you want to understand a country’s military, take a look at what its officer corps is reading. Military officers aren’t just warfighters, they are trained to be thinkers, even intellectuals. Some of them have advanced degrees.

In Russia, officers above the rank of Colonel are required to read a book by a Russian nationalist called Aleksandr Dugin, called “The Foundations of Geopolitics.” Dugin’s book envisions a Eurasian empire with Russia at the center of it and then outlines the way to achieve that.

In China, meanwhile, recruits are told to read “The Origin and Goal of History.” It teaches that China is successful because its culture is superior to the West’s. Now, you might not agree with them, but these are serious books, and they promote the national interests of the countries whose officers read them, that is why they are assigned, and that makes sense.

So with that in mind, what are American military officers reading these days? Well, let’s see, a sub-literate pamphlet on how the United States is a disgusting immoral country that must be changed immediately and forever. That track is entitled “How to be an Antiracist.” It was written by a former University of Florida professor called Henry Rogers, now that he is rich and famous, he goes by his revolutionary name, Ibram X. Kendi.

The book is garbage, actually, it is worse than that. Not only is embarrassingly stupid, it is poisonous. Kendi’s premise is as simple as he is. Any system that produces unequal outcomes must be racist. Period. That’s it. That’s the entire thesis and Kendi applies it to everything.

If some people make more money than the other people, then the economy is a racist. If Ibram X. Kendi decides there aren’t enough black astrophysicists, then astrophysics is by definition, racist.

If it rains in a black neighborhood, but not across town, then what you are watching is weather racism. Actually, Kendi didn’t really write that, probably because he has no detectable sense of humor. But there is no question that he believes it, the book is that militantly dumb.

So, how do we respond to all of this racism in the United States? Well, Kendi provides a solution. Quote, “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination.” He actually wrote that. In other words, his book against racism promotes racism. Now, you would think that might be a red flag for people, contradicting as it does the founding principles of the country, as well as basic human decency, but no. The people in charge love the book, it’s all over Corporate America.

You can probably pick up a free copy at your H.R. Department tomorrow morning if you want.

But, the military? You can’t imagine the U.S. Military would assign a book like that, recommend it to every sailor in the U.S. Navy. Well, yes, actually.

On Tuesday, Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana demanded an explanation for this from the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael Gilday. Here’s how it went.


REP. JIM BANKS (R-IN): Kendi’s book states that capitalism is essentially racist, and Kendi is clear that racism must be eliminated. So, yes or no?

Do you personally consider advocating for the destruction of American capitalism to be extremist?

ADM. MIKE GILDAY, CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS: Here is what I know, Congressman —

BANKS: It is a yes or no question, Admiral.

GILDAY: Racism in the United States Navy —

BANKS: Admiral, you recommended every sailor in the United States Navy read this book. It’s a yes or no question.

GILDAY: I’m not forcing anybody to read the book, it’s on a recommended reading list.

BANKS: Admiral, did you read the book?

GILDAY: I did.

BANKS: Admiral, you said you read this book, what part of this book is redeeming and qualifies as something that every sailor in the United States Navy should read it.

GILDAY: I think Kendi is self-critical about his own journey as an African-American in this country. What he’s experienced —

BANKS: Let me ask you again, Admiral. Do you expect after sailors read this book that says that the United States Navy is racist that we will increase or decrease morale, cohesion, and recruiting rates into the United States Navy?

GILDAY: I think we will be a better Navy from having open, honest, conversations about racism.


CARLSON: “Open and honest conversations about racism.” Well, that would be nice, but it’s an amusing line coming from someone who claims to have read Kendi’s book, as Gilday says he has.

Open and honest conversations are racist, Kendi said that many times.

So, let’s say, open and honestly, you decided that you cared more about the way people behaved than the way that they look. Let’s say, you took Martin Luther King at his word and judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

If you were to do that, Ibram X. Kendi says, you are a racist, quote, “The claim of not racist neutrality is a mask for racism. The language for color blindness is a mask to hide racism. A color-blind Constitution for a white supremacist America.” That’s what the military is reading.

So, no, open honest conversations are not allowed in Kendi’s America. Here is the choice: you admit you are a racist, or else you are super-duper racist. That’s his position.

It sounds pretty deranged, honestly. In fact, it sounds like an extremist ideology, just the kind the military is always warning us about.

Keep in mind that tonight, right now, The Pentagon is investigating National Guardsmen who have posted unfashionable opinions on Facebook about the last election or may have voted for Donald Trump. So, with all of their investigators running around looking into people’s thought crimes, how closely have they looked — has The Pentagon looked into Ibram X. Kendi? Have they checked his social media history?

Well, actually, Congressman Banks asked Gilday that question. Watch.


BANKS: In college, Kendi stated that white people are a different breed of humans and are responsible for the AIDS virus. Yes or no? Do you personally consider the conspiracy that white people started AIDS to be an extremist belief?

GILDAY: Sir, I would have to understand the context. The statements were made —

BANKS: That is a simple question.

GILDAY: I am not going to — I am not going to sit here —

BANKS: Admiral, this is a book that you recommended every sailor in the United States Navy —

GILDAY: I am not going to sit here to defend — to defend cherry-picked quotes from somebody’s book. I am not going to do that.


CARLSON: Do you consider the statement that white people created AIDS an extremist statement? I can’t comment on that. I need the context for that.

So, Admiral Gilday — what a mediocrity — will not defend the man he has just been promoting to the entire U.S. Navy. Now, that’s odd that once you dig a little, you can see why he doesn’t want to talk much about it.

Not long ago, Kendi was invited to speak at the Aspen Ideas Festival, a place where ideas go to die. A roomful of academics waited to hear his wisdom. During the question and answer session, one of them dared to ask the most basic question of all: how are we defining racism?

How do you define that?

Now, you’d think Ibram X. Kendi would be ready for that question, but he wasn’t. Here’s what he said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You talked about the importance of defining racism, but — unless I missed it — which is possible, I didn’t hear your personal definition. Is there one that you would offer us, like how do you define racism?

IBRAM X. KENDI, DIRECTOR OF CENTER FOR ANTIRACIST RESEARCH, BOSTON UNIVERSITY: Well, so racism, I would define it as a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity, that are substantiated with racist ideas.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you say that again?


KENDI: Sure, a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity that are substantiated by racist ideas.


CARLSON: So, racism is racist stuff, or as Kendi puts it, and we are quoting now, “It is a collection of racist polities that lead to racial inequity that are substantiated by racist ideas.” End quote.

Right. But how are we defining racism? Ibram X. Kendi couldn’t say, despite making a bountiful living on the topic, getting rich talking about racism, he hadn’t thought how to define the word.

Now, in a serious society, everybody listening, everyone in the room would have walked out and found something better to do, birdwatching maybe. That’s racist.

Well, the so-called intellectual on the stage turned out to be an idiot, so they should have left, but they didn’t. They just laughed nervously. They were worried if they said something about what had just happened, if they pointed out that the former Henry Rogers was in fact a fraud, they would be denounced as well.

This is how mediocre people control entire societies, with implied threats. Go along or we will punish you, so they don’t say anything.

The funny thing is, in his own book, Kendi admits that he himself is a racist. Here is a definition, quote: “White Democrats stood aside and let Bush steal the presidency on the strength of destroyed black votes. Bush’s team transitioned that winter, I transitioned into hating white people. White people became devils to me, but I had to figure out how they came to be devils.”

So, this is the man that Admiral Michael Gilday — it’s hard to believe that Admiral Michael Gilday has any power in the United States Military, but he does — and this is the man Admiral Michael Gilday believes the entire U.S. Navy should study.

Imagine working for someone like Admiral Michael Gilday. Most normal people cannot even imagine that, so they’re leaving the military.


SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): One Marine told us at military — a military history training session was replaced with mandatory training on police brutality, white privilege, and systemic racism. He reported several officers are now leaving his unit citing that training.

Another service member told us that their unit was required to read “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo, which claims — and this is a quote — “White people raised in western society are conditioned into a white supremacist worldview.”

An airmen told us their unit was forced into a racist exercise called a “Privilege Walk” where members of the wing were ordered to separate themselves by race and gender in order to stratify people based on their perceived privilege.


CARLSON: It’s depressing if you think about it. Good people driven from military service, many of them serving generationally because their fathers and grandfathers did, but having to leave now purely because of the extremist ideology of its leaders. It is crushing, if you think about it.

But it’s also scary for all of us. We need the military. The Pentagon isn’t the Department of Education, it’s not the DMV. We have to have it. It’s essential to the survival of the country.

But the commissars in the Biden administration don’t care. They are not slowing down. They are intensifying the political purge in the ranks.

NASA just announced its new mission has nothing to do with space. The new mission is about applying the principles in Ibram Kendi’s book, the new mission is equity.


JOHNNY KIM, NASA (voice-over): At NASA, we’re on a mission of equity launching opportunity.

ANNA MCCLAIN, NASA (voice-over): Equal opportunity to challenge and inspire.

FRANK RUBIO, NASA (voice-over): To learn and thrive.

JASMIN MOGHBELI, NASA (voice-over): To reach those we’ve never reached before.

REID WISEMAN, NASA (voice-over): To use science, data and technology, to advance equity.

JESSICA WATKINS, NASA (voice-over): To shatter boundaries.

ZENA CARDMAN, NASA (voice-over): And break down barriers across America.

RAJA CHARI, NASA (voice-over): To create a better future.

VICTOR GLOVER, NASA (voice-over): We hope you’ll join us on this mission.


CARLSON: A mission of equity — are you going to join the mission of equity? Can you define it?

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  1. This is the RELIGION OF “WOKE:”

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    Because obviously, they are in general larger, stronger, faster and smarter (more competitively evolved to succeed) than non-straight gays, non-White People Of Color, and non-male WXMXN, so every time the latter fails at anything it can’t be simply because they are generally smaller, weaker, slower and dumber than the former, but because the latter must have been somehow so fearful of their inferiors that they decided to take time out from their busy days of literally minding their own businesses to dream up ever-new creative ways to “oppress” (confuse) them with, such as “logic,” “facts,” “science,” and “truth!” due to their natural “homophobic,” “racist,” “sexism,” respectively!

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